How to Build a Stone Wall

stone wall

Stone walls can be beautiful additions to your home. You can use them to enhance the landscape of your garden, create waterfalls, and use in many other structures like terracing. You do not always have to call in a professional stone mason, for … [Continue reading]

Basement Bar Ideas

A basement bar will add character and charm to any downstairs family room. There are countless basement bar ideas and here are ten great ideas to meet almost every taste and budget. 1. A basement bar can consist of single elegant piece of furniture … [Continue reading]

Front Porch Designs

front porch

A front porch can add a distinctive look to a home. Front porch designs come in a variety of interesting architectural styles, from traditional to modern themes, outdoor dining rooms and wrap-around designs, to list a few. The addition of a porch … [Continue reading]

Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

clean bathroom sink

Cleaning the bathroom is never fun, but at least with a bathroom cleaning checklist you don't have to think about it too much. Many people find that cleaning the toilet makes them squeamish and that scrubbing a tiled shower is a lot harder than it … [Continue reading]

Sump Pump Battery Backup Guide

Most sump pumps rely upon mains electricity to keep the basement of a house dry and flood free. However, one of the most common times that you can experience a power outage is during or shortly after a heavy storm - a period when your sump pump … [Continue reading]