3 Season Sunrooms

Homeowners around the country are discovering the benefits of 3 season sunrooms go way further than just to add to home resale value. In fact, adding a sunroom sometimes plays a major part in many peoples decision to not sell after all!

In addition to adding square footage, three season sunrooms offer respite from the elements while providing a place to entertain, relax alone, or enjoy a meal with the feeling of bringing the great outdoors right inside the house. And, except for the coldest winter evenings, sunrooms make an ideal place to keep all those tropical and semi-tropical plants you would not otherwise be able to have.

From Simple to Sophisticated

People shopping around for 3 season sunrooms quickly realize there are those to fit every budget, from do-it-yourself kits to much more elaborate, contractor-installed creations. Some can be built in an afternoon by the homeowner, while others may take several months to construct. Sunrooms built for three of the years seasons, however, are usually not nearly as elaborate nor as expensive as sunrooms built for year-round use.

Usually only utilizing single-paned windows and openable┬Ł screens for warm weather, three season sunrooms do not require nearly the amount of work or building materials as year-round sunrooms. Many come available in easy-to-assemble kits with all the pieces clearly marked and coded by color to fit together.

If you can follow printed directions, you and one other person should be able to put this type of sunroom kit together in a few days. Some sunrooms come already assembled for you. All the homeowner needs to provide is a concrete pad (like a patio) or stable decking onto which the structure can be bolted.

These pre-assembled sunrooms can be set up and ready to use within as little as three hours. Of course, the cost differential between the two types will be a factor to consider, as the less work involved in setting up a sunroom, the more money you will pay. Still, it is nice to know the option exists.

Cooling Off a Sunroom

During the hottest parts of summer, many 3 season sunrooms need some kind of protection from the sun or the heat becomes too unbearable to enjoy the room. An attractive awning can be attached to the outside of the house. Many come with motorized options enabling you to extend and retract the awning as desired.

Another option is to apply solar screening to the windows. If this is more permanent than you would like, however, yet another choice is to simply place a room-divider screen with enough panels to cover the necessary area in front of the window on the inside.

Having 3 season sunrooms are not the same as taking a month-long holiday to the Caribbean, but they do provide wonderful spaces, no matter how modest or elaborate, in which to enjoy most of the year (and will be less costly, to boot!). So take the time to check themout online or call local contractors listed in your Yellow Pages. You are sure to find one that suits your needs, and those of your wallet.

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