Air Conditioning

Using a Portable Swamp Cooler

The majority of homes and businesses have air conditioning units installed and on come rain or shine. After all, they do make living in a humid or stuffy climate much easier. However, if you do not have an air conditioning unit or are thinking of switching to another method of cooling then you may want to consider using a portable swamp cooler.

Ice in Central Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Condenser UnitIt’s a hot, muggy day, and your central a/c doesn’t seem to be helping as much as it used to, if at all. The air flow seems to be less than ideal, and what is flowing isn’t cooling things down much. You go down to the basement and check the air filter to see if it’s clogged, but it looks fine. So you go outside to have a look at the condenser box. Everything looks ok, until you see a big block of ice covering the junction where the pipes lead to the house. Not good. All you can think of is how can I fix that without calling a repairman?

Sizing Central Air Conditioning

Many new homes have air conditioning units in them these days, which is a good job considering global warming and the effect that it has on our homes these days. However, some new builds and older homes may not have air conditioning units. If this is the case, you may be considering installing one and have several questions about it.

The main question that homeowners do ask when considering buying an air conditioning unit is how big it should be. This is certainly a dilemma these days, for more reasons that one.

Air Conditioner Sizing Tips

When it comes to buying and installing an air conditioning system it is essential that you get the sizing right, air conditioning is expensive so it is imperative that you get it right and do not make an expensive mistake. There are many ways in which a room accumulates heat and all of these have to be taken into account when it comes down to determining the size of the unit you need.

Home Misting Fans Help Cool Down Homes

While traditional fans and air conditioning are both solutions to keeping cool in the hot summer months there is a far superior way of cooling down when things get a little too uncomfortable, this solution is a simple one, installing a home misting fan.

The misting fan is not a new product, big sports arenas have made use of them for many years and coaches value them on the sideline at football games and now you too can enjoy the benefits of a misting fan in your own home.