Air Conditioning

Evaporative Air Conditioning

More and more homes are turning to evaporative air conditioning for their cooling needs. Using evaporative air conditioning is cost efficient and enables homeowners to save money in the long run on energy bills. Traditionally, evaporative air conditioning units were only available for commercial use for buildings that were quite large.

With the advent of technology, there are now evaporative air conditioning units available that are specifically designed on a smaller scale than the traditional commercial use units. These newer units are smaller and more compact designed to handle lower cooling needs of private homes and residences.

Works on Water

Cleaning: Central Air Unit Maintenance

Without regular cleaning and maintenance, a central air unit could be running at as low as 50 percent of it's intended efficiency. Improper cleaning or not cleaning your central air unit can cost you money, since the unit will be working twice as hard to accomplish only half the task it should. Take the time to do some cleaning – central air unit maintenance is a relatively easy home repair task.

Window-Mounted Swamp Coolers

What exactly is a window-mounted swamp cooler? We’ve all heard of air conditioners and area fans. They’ve been around for ages, providing cooling needs at the height of summer. A swamp cooler, also known as an evaporative cooler, air cooler, or desert cooler, employs the use of evaporated water to cool the air.

A swamp cooler uses a process of forcing warm, dry air into the cooler. The air evaporates the cool water, resulting in cooler humid air at the other end. In some dry areas, so much humidity is added that it feels like a cool swamp.

A window-mounted swamp cooler works very much in the same way as mixing a hot glass of water with a cold glass of water. The result is cooler water between the two temperatures.

What is mini split air conditioning?

Mini split air conditioning, or ductless air conditioning, is a type of add on air conditioner used where installing ductwork would not be feasible. This can happen if you add on to your house and cannot attach the room to your existing ducted air conditioning unit or if the house in question is older and has never had ductwork of any kind installed.

They are better than a window model condenser air conditioner in the fact they are quieter and do a better job. They also offer a lower installation cost than a new ducted air conditioning system. “Mini split” describes the use of smaller indoor units that are in each room or area of the house.

Replacing Swamp Coolers

The name swamp cooler is a more common term given for an evaporative cooler. A swamp cooler is a mechanism that cools by blowing hot air onto water saturated pads and into a building or home. The cooling ability of a swamp cooler is around -20 to -25 degrees of the surrounding air.

Swamp coolers are used mainly in climates where the air is hot and the humidity low as in the western mountain states of the US. The moisture condition of the cooled air gives a swamp cooler its trademark name. Some times there is a need for replacing swamp coolers or their pads. To do this we have to know how a swamp cooler works.

How does a swamp cooler work?