Air Conditioning

How does Central AC Work

central ac works like thisDesigned for cooling the entire house, central air conditioners are located outdoors. They consist of a large refrigerant compressor and condensing coils unit joined by copper tubing refrigerant lines to an indoor coil mounted in the furnace. The same ducts are used for distribution of both heated and cooled air. This is known as a “split system”. In a “packaged system”, all the components are located outside the house in a single unit. In both types, an additional component called a thermostat is used to control the level of cooling in continuous feedback loop.

DIY Humidifier

Humidifiers are extremely popular these days and sell very well in the general market. It is believe that the humidity in the air naturally has health benefits and a humidifier works to maintain that specific humidity at all times.

People with ailments such as asthma rely on them to work at their optimum level to improve their quality of life, and so when things go wrong people can get extremely frustrated when the machine cannot be put right again immediately. DIY humidifier repair is not as tough as it’s believed to be though and is, in fact, quite easy to learn. Read on for just a few of the basics!

It’s Got The Power

How to Choose the Right Size Air Conditioner

Knowing how to choose the right size air conditioner plays a big part in keeping ever-rising utility bills in check. Additionally, an AC unit that fits your home properly makes it more comfortable. Many people mistakenly believe that the larger the air conditioner unit, the better job it does to cool and condition the air.

Evaporative Air Conditioning

Nowadays, evaporative air conditioning is the most efficient method of home cooling. The main advantage of evaporative air conditioning is the fact that it provides healthy and clean fresh air in each room. This new system of home cooling combines two ingredients that are almost incompatible; health and efficiency.

While the traditional air conditioning methods of the old generation provide fresh air, but also health troubles, the new generation evaporative air conditioning does not bring such troubles to the human body.

Refrigerated Versus Evaporative Air Conditioning

Central Air Conditioning Systems

In this day and age, and especially if you live in a hot, humid climate, central air conditioning systems are considered indispensable. And, as a matter of fact, more people now have this type of home cooling system than any other. In addition to cooling the air in our homes, central air conditioners remove the humidity from it as well as filtering it and cleaning it.