Air Conditioning

Proper Swamp Cooler Care

Before we begin discussing the importance and the specific methods of swamp cooler care you may be wondering what a swamp cooler is. A swamp cooler is a type of air conditioner. Swamp coolers work best in dry areas rather than humid ones because they us evaporation as the primary method to help cool the home.

There are two types of swamp coolers, a wall mounted cooler and a larger one that often mounts to the roof of a building. Roof mounted swamp coolers usually cool a home more efficiently because the cooling pads cover more areas of the external area. Now that we know what one is it is time to discuss maintenance.

Swamp Cooler Care

Wicker Ceiling Fans

You probably already know the benefits of having ceiling fans throughout your house to help conserve energy by circulating air in the summer and winter. With the wide variety of fans on the market today it can sometimes be difficult to choose which design you want to use.

Wicker ceiling fans can bring a bit of the tropics into your home while helping creative an attractive decor in just about any room. The unique styling of wicker ceiling fans makes them stand out, even against a plain ceiling.


Ductless Central Air Conditioning

If you are tired of struggling with air conditioning window units, or feel that you would like to open your windows this summer for a nice summer breeze, then you may be ready to try ductless central air conditioning. Ductless central air conditioning is a good solution for those who don't have regular central air and are tired of using standard window units. Your ductless central air conditioning will also heat as well. They have successfully been implemented in many homes, offices, and industrial buildings.

Save Money by Using Ductless Central Air Conditioning

Wall Mounted Air Conditioning

When considering cooling options for your home, you may be wondering about wall mounted air conditioning. There are alternatives to central air and to window air conditioners. In hot, dry regions you can use a swamp cooler as an alternative. In other areas, wall mounted air conditioning is an option. It comes in several different types.

Ductless Air Conditioning

Before the development of ductless air conditioning, keeping cool in the summer offered only a few options. You could have fans in the windows, which compromise your security and don't keep you that cool. You could have window air conditioners blocking the view. Or you could have a major ducted central air system involved. Now, however, ductless air conditioning offers a simple, effective alternative.