Air Conditioning

Buying Central Air Conditioning

If you are building a new home, then buying central air conditioning is practically a given. Central heat and air make a home convenient, comfortable, and even safer. Maintaining the temperature you desire is a simple matter of adjusting the thermostat. If you are remodeling an older home, though, is buying central air conditioning even an option? Wouldn't it be too costly to install?

Split Air Conditioning Units

Similar to central air conditioners, split air conditioning units employ a split or divided design, but utilize air ducts to make them less costly to install than their central air counterparts. One unit, the air handler, is located inside the air conditioner, while the other unit, the compressor, is located outside of the housing. Some split air conditioning units feature multiple air handlers all driven by a single compressor.

Natural Gas Air Conditioning

Natural gas air conditioning promises to soon make a comeback. Even though most of us have become used to the idea of high electric bills in the summer for air conditioning, it may come as a surprise to learn that electricity wasn’t the energy of choice for cooling not so long ago.

Most homes and businesses from the 1930s through the 1950s in the United States utilized natural gas air conditioning when temperatures rose. It wasn’t until the 1960s that electricity replaced gas as a cheaper way to cool air in hot summertime climates.

Solar Powered Air Conditioning

Once considered a far-off future goal of energy conservationists, solar powered air conditioning may be soon coming into its own. With the price of gas and electricity rising every year due to procurement as well as political issues, solar powered air conditioning may soon become a necessity sooner than we anticipate. Although current technology exists to provide cooling of indoor environments with help from our solar system's star, the cost of applying it remains one of the only remaining roadblocks to its execution.

Trane Air Conditioners

If a familiar advertising slogan was hijacked and used by Trane Air Conditioners it would sound something like, Nothing runs like a Trane.

For decades now, Trane air conditioners have led the air cooling pack with the company's mix of new technology, innovation and durability.

The first air conditioner was invented by the Trane company founder, Reuben Trane in 1931. The company prides itself on its efforts to maintain the quality and innovation that made the first Trane air conditioner possible.