Building a Wood Deck over Concrete Patio

There are several ways in which you can build a wood deck over a concrete patio, none of which take very long to complete. It’s a task that can be done in a day, and will certainly jazz up and old, concrete patios that have begun to look worn or simply aren’t giving the desired aesthetic effect to your backyard. After all, as functional as a concrete patio may be to begin with, once it starts looking old, it can really throw off the rest of your yard space. Try one of these easy solutions to build yourself a wood deck overtop the concrete patio.

Wood Deck Solution #1

Deck Stains

Having a deck on your home is a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors; share family time together and even just sit out an relax in the cool evening weather. Deck stains help to protect your deck during inclement weather and make the life of the deck much longer. Not only that but deck stains come in a variety of shades and you can match the exterior of your home using them.

Cleaning the Deck

Before putting any type of staining on the deck, clean it first. You want to make sure that the wood is thoroughly cleaned to best absorb the stains. Let the deck air dry for approximately 24 hours prior to staining. Sweep and dust it one time prior to starting your deck staining project.

A Wood Deck on a Cement Patio

So you want to put a wood deck on a cement patio? That is not such a big project. Is your cement patio in good shape? That is the important consideration. If the present patio is sound and level a lot of the work is already done for you.

At your local home improvement store you can buy pre-made concrete bell-bottom anchors that have brackets attached to them for 2” X 4” floor joists. All you have to do is set them down, line them up, and nail away.

When You Need to Extend

Wooden Deck Lattice

A wooden deck lattice is a terrific solution to store yard items, small lawn equipment, bicycles and other small gardening tools. But how does a lattice store anything? It doesn’t.

However, you can place a wooden deck lattice under your deck to create an attractive deck base and hide anything that you want to store under your deck. You are literally building yourself a little mini-storage shed, so to speak, by putting a wooden deck lattice on the bottom of your deck area.

Two Level Deck Plans

Two level deck plans are very popular and essential for building a two level deck. It is important to be able to find a plan that will work well for you and for the design that you have in mind for your project. There are not only a lot of plans to select from but many options for finding the appropriate two level deck plans that you will need.

Decision about the Style

As you browse through the various two level deck plans available, you will notice that there are many different style options. You can have two levels that are approximately the same width.