Do It Yourself Deck Seats

To spruce up the look of your back yard deck, try adding a few new deck seats. For the do it yourselfer this is a perfect opportunity to show your stuff. This article will give you some basic steps to help walk you through the process of creating these attention grabbers.

Making the Base for a Moveable Seat

Let’s begin with the base. You will need four 4 x 4 pieces of scrap wood cut to the dimensions you have chosen for the size of your seats. (There will need to be a base for every three feet of bench.)

Thompson Water Seal

Thompson's Company was started back in 1929 in the town of Hollister, California. The owner of the company was Edward Addis Thompson who worked as a polymer chemist. He invented a product designed to protect buildings from external water damage. This product later led to the creation of Thompson's® Water Seal® Clear Multi-Surface Waterproofer. Initially this product was used by architecture and construction companies for concrete exteriors.

Later developed was Thompson's® Water Seal® and the deck protection category of products was born. It is now the dominating leader in the exterior waterproofing

Waterproofing Products

Painting Wooden Decks

So, you have a wooden deck that needs some livening up, and painting wooden decks seems to be your best option at this point. Are you sure?

Painting a wooden deck isn’t typically the favorite choice to spruce up an old deck, since it needs constant maintenance to make sure it stays nice – but it is a quicker and easier short-term solution to getting your deck back into the game. Maybe you’ll even feel better about inviting people over for dinner in the summer again…

Deck Preparation

How to Stain Deck Like a Pro

How to Stain DeckIn order to protect your deck from water damage and wear from UV rays, you’ll need to know how to stain a deck correctly. It’s not that difficult, however it is a task that requires some focus, and will probably need a weekend to complete it effectively. It’s worth it, though – two days of hard work will pay off in a deck that looks good and stays natural for years to come.

Before You Stain

Decking Lighting Kits

In-Deck Lighting Disks
When it comes to choosing a decking lighting kit for your deck, porch, or balcony, there are several different kinds of lighting kits to choose from, each with their own pros and cons.