Redwood Decking

For decades, redwood decking has been the preferred building material in the Western US. It is good-looking and long lasting, making it the ideal material for an outdoor deck.

Unhappily, most redwood comes from the old-growth redwood forests in California. Although it is a renewable resource, we are using up forest products faster than they are growing, so it is not sustainably renewable.

Comparison of Composite Decking Materials

Making a comparison of composite decking materials to wood can often create an ongoing argument between those who favor composite materials to those who prefer wood. Both materials have their pros and cons, and here are a few of both to those considering building a deck in the near future.

Beauty vs. Maintenance

No one can dispute the beauty of an all-wood deck. It's natural-looking, which makes it work better aesthetically in an outdoor setting. Wood possesses a certain, inimitable feel to it as well. And some species of wood, such as cedar, satisfy the senses with an outdoorsy smell with which nothing else can compare.

Trex Plastic Decking

Trex decking, a plastic decking that is made from wood waste products and reclaimed plastic, is durable and makes a perfect choice for applications like pool decking or landscaping. The reclaimed plastic component comes mostly from grocery bags and stretch film, and the waste wood is from woodworking manufacturers. Trex decking is offered in a wide range of colors and weathering formats.

Trex Decking or Plastic Decking

Garden Decking

While most people might not think so, building and laying your own garden decking can actually be a easy task, relatively speaking. By following instructions properly and taking care and forethought in what you are doing, you can in fact complete your own garden decking assignment, efficiently and without pain.

How to Build Your Own

The materials needed should be attained of course before begin any garden decking job. Some of the supplies that you will need to build your own garden decking are:

  • Flashing
  • Caulking compound
  • Pre-mixed concrete
  • Gravel or crushed stone
  • Cinder blocks
  • Post caps
  • Post bases
  • Seismic ties
  • Joist hangers
  • Cardboard tube concrete forms

Elk Composite Decking

When a contractor is using Elk composite decking, under the trade name of CrossTimbers, you can be sure they have been scrutinized by Elk Building Products thoroughly. The company only accepts qualified contractors if they have a clean record from the Better Business Bureau, a clean background check, and are fully insured.

The decking division was recently added to the suppliers' list and they offer Elk composite decking in a diversity of designs and colors to please just about every taste. They also offer a 20-year-warranty on their Elk composite decking products.