Building a Ground Level Deck

A deck is a wonderful addition to any home. It can be used in a variety of ways including dining, entertaining or just relaxing. Some people even conduct business on their decks, bringing laptops or cell phones outside to handle business related tasks. Fortunately, building a ground level deck is not incredibly difficult and does not even have to be very expensive.

This article will provide some basic instructions for building a ground level deck but those who are really interested in pursuing this option should spend some time researching their options to ensure the deck they build suits their needs.

The Basics of Building a Ground Level Deck

Decking Tiles

The deck building craze has produced some wonderful new technology. Creating a seamless link between indoor home decorating and outdoor entertainment areas is one reason for the popularity of back yard decks and patio furniture.

One of the most far-reaching developments is decking tiles. Made of wood or porcelain, the tiles simply click together without nails or adhesive. They can be used on any solid surface with little preparation. Can you see the possibilities yet?

Decking Tile Outdoor Uses

Decking Kit

So you've decided to add a deck to upgrade your home and your living experience. You know the size and shape you want, but you're not that confident about your skills with a power saw. The solution may be in one of the companies offering a decking kit.

The top decking kits come with everything you need except the labor and the willingness to do the work yourself. The higher cost associated with buying a decking kit as opposed to raw lumber, or any number of available materials, is more than offset by time saved in cutting and drilling.

Most companies offer their decking kit in a range of sizes and styles with some even built to your specifications, though those generally cost a little more. However, the cost savings will still be attractive.

Makes Life Easier

Outdoor Deck Design

A good rule of thumb in regards to outdoor deck designs is keeping your deck the size of the largest room in your home. A proper deck will compliment your home, not overwhelm it. You also must consider your need for the deck, and what it will most commonly be used for. When researching outdoor deck designs, consider your home, its shape and layout, and design your deck accordingly. Below, you will find many options for deck designs for various types of homes.

Standard Curved Back Porch Decks

Typically no larger than 12x16 feet, this type of deck merely extends your living space just beyond your door. This type of deck is a great choice for smaller homes, or homes that have a small yard.

Building a Patio Deck

Building patio deck is a smart move for almost any homeowner. Not only will it potentially increase the value of your home, but it will undoubtedly increase your ability to entertain others, spend time with family, or simply relax on your own. When building a patio deck, researching which type of lumber to use is of key importance. Know your options, and make an informed decision in order to increase the life and durability of your deck.

Pine and Douglas fir