Geothermal Air Conditioning and Heating Systems

How would you like to save from 30 to 70 percent on your home heating bills and from 20 to 50 percent to cool it to comfortable temperatures? With geothermal air conditioning and heating systems, you can! And what is more important, with savings like these, you can easily pay off the initial investment for installing a system like this in just a short time.

How It Works

Geothermal House Heating and Cooling

Geothermal house heating and cooling is an environmentally friendly way to keep the house more comfortable. The idea behind it is to gather the heat stored in the earth and blow it through the cold house in the winter, or take heat from the house in the summer and store it in the earth. As a way to save money on fuel costs, geothermal house heating and cooling makes sense.

Solar Attic Fans

Venting your attic is essential to maintaining healthy functions in your home. Purchasing a solar attic fan is a way to do this with minimum fuss, minimum cost and no electricity.