Pellet Stove Pros and Cons

Quadra Fire Pellet StoveTrying to make up your mind whether or not to invest in a pellet stove to heat your home? Here are some pros and cons on the subject that just might help you decide. Read on to learn more.

Used Pellet Stoves

If you want to buy a pellet stove, make sure that what you purchase is of good quality. Regardless if you buy used pellet stoves or new ones, it is very important that you know that a good pellet stove runs very well, it throws lots of heat, and it does not need too much cleaning. Unfortunately, if you are buying used pellet stoves, and thus a cheaper stove, you will probably not going to get the best item there is.

Usually, pellet stoves are more convenient, safer and cleaner than other burning systems, such as wood stoves. But, on the other hand, the stove pellets have a complex constitution that requires more expensive components that can break down, and they run only when there exists an energy supplier to feed it.

Putting Insulation in Old Houses

Old houses are great choices for many people. If you appreciate their style or their historic value, then it is definitely an option for you to move into a relatively old house. Many people find the concept fascinating, and would love to live in a house with a rich past, even if the house has certain physical defects or does not have the most perfect construction.

Electronic Digital Thermostats

Much more energy efficient than mercury thermostats, electronic digital thermostats feature reliability, accuracy and better temperature control. Mercury thermostats, by the use of switches, sense and control temperature with coils that expand and contract to open or close circuits that turn the power to air conditioning units, furnaces, and heat pumps off and on. Not only are mercury thermostats no longer used when building homes, this outdated type of thermostat has been banned in many states because of the toxicity of mercury when the unit is disposed of.

Thermistors to the Rescue

Electronic Programmable Thermostats Cut Costs

By installing electronic programmable thermostats, homeowners can save money and energy. These devices work by enabling temperatures to be set beforehand based on whether or not the house will be occupied or if those in the house are asleep (when body temperatures lower naturally).

Automatic and Manual Settings

Manually overriding is also possible with electronic programmable thermostats, even with their capabilities of storing and repeating settings every day. This gives homeowners the choice of allowing the unit to work on its own, or if they so choose, the occupants can change the settings by hand to suit some particular circumstance.