Residential Garage Heaters

Inside of a GarageIt is not just people living in those regions of the USA where the temperature can plummet to below freezing that might want to install residential garage heaters. If you do live in an extremely cold part of the USA then having residential garage heaters might just make the difference between being able to easily start your vehicle at home or not. However, many people don’t just use their garage as a place to park their car; but will store all sorts of things in their garage, not to mention using the garage as a workshop.

Where to Locate a Heater

Rigid Insulation

There are four basic categories of insulation. They are loose fill, blankets & batts, spray on and rigid insulation. Rigid insulation is the category that we will discuss in detail in this article. We will examine the several types of rigid insulation and outline some best practices that you may want to use in your home. Rigid insulations are mostly used for insulating roofs, basements and exterior walls.

Cleaning a Pellet Stove

Whether it is part of your spring cleaning routine, the end of the cold season or you’ve just decided that it’s looking a bit shabby; cleaning a pellet stove will brighten up the room that it’s in as well as helping it to function more efficiently. There are, of course, some basic safety reasons behind cleaning a pellet stove that you should do on a regular basis. So we’ll look at both the routine things you need to do and the things that you can do occasionally to get your Pellet stove looking and working like new.

Infrared Heater Tips

The concept of infrared heating is an interesting and different one. They work with electromagnetic radiation. Infrared heaters differ greatly from space heaters in that electromagnetic radiation heats objects while different types of space heaters heat the air around objects.

Most Efficient Method of Home Heating

 colourful houses in Bo Kaap, Cape Town, South AfricaCertainly you have wondered what the most efficient method of home heating for your home is. If you are building or purchasing a new home then you should definitely be concerned with the issues in this article. We will cover popular choices of heating homes and discuss what combination of methods is the most efficient while considering the initial cost of the systems.