Types of Pellet Stoves

There are several types of pellet stoves on the market. We will explain the common types and mention several pros and cons of the different stoves to help you decide what the best type of pellet stove may be for your home.

Top Feed vs. Bottom Feed Pellet Stoves

There are two basic types of pellet stoves, there are fireplace inserts and there are freestanding stoves. Then to further divide them, there are two main types of feeding systems, top fed and bottom fed.

Chimney Inspection

London ChimneysIf you have just bought a house with a fireplace, or are thinking of installing a wood stove for heat, it is a good idea to inspect the chimney and flue. If they have been properly maintained and protected from water damage, then most chimneys will prove to be sound and ready for duty, but it pays to be safe where fire hazard is concerned in your home.

Insulating Heating Ducts

Did you know that properly insulating your heating and cooling ducts in your unfinished basements, attics, crawl spaces and garage can help improve your homes energy efficiency? It is true that a duct system which is not insulated or poorly insulated may result in a 10% to 30% loss of heating or cooling energy.

Window Unit Heat Pumps

Window unit heat pumps can be a good heating and cooling option for your home when you want to heat from 100 to 700 square feet of space. Window unit heat pumps are basically air conditioners that provide heat also. If you have shopped for one before, you may have heard of some unfamiliar terms like heat strip and heat pump. We will clear up what is meant by these and other terms commonly used with window unit heat pumps and help you to decide if they are a good choice for your heating and cooling needs.

Window Unit Heat Pump Terminology

Heating a Log Home

If you are the owner of a log home, chances are you will have several options available for heating your home. We will help you decide what heating method is best for your unique situation by covering and comparing some of the most popular heating methods available to you. Typically log home owners have the same basic choices available to them that all home owners have, however, there are some structural differences that will have to be taken into consideration when designing your heating system.