Pellet Stove Basement Installation

Installing a pellet stove in the basement of your home can be accomplished with ease if you are willing to follow the installation instructions for the stove to the letter. A pellet stove basement installation requires many specifics to be met to install the stove properly and ensure that it can be operated safely by the homeowner.

Tile Warmer Tips

Having a ceramic tile floor not only looks great; but can be very effective in helping to keep your home cool during hot weather. Unfortunately during cold weather a tiled floor can be very cold indeed to walk on, regardless of whether or not you have anything on your feet. The solution to this is to have a tile warmer system, which is more commonly referred to as an under-floor heating system.

Types of Under Floor Heating

Cellulose Insulation

If you’re just getting around to insulating your home or about to improve its insulation, then you should consider using a cellulose insulation product for the job. By choosing to use a cellulose fiber insulation product you’ll be using one of the most environmentally friendly insulation products; which will not only help to reduce your Carbon footprint but will also use recycled materials in its production.

What is Cellulose Insulation Made From

How to Bleed a Boiler

home boiler for heatingBleeding a boiler involves getting air out of the whole water and central heating system. Hot-water, or hydronic, heating systems consist of:

  • Boiler- Gas, oil or electric power- supplies energy to heat the water
  • Water Pump, known as the Circulator- located near the boiler on the return water line

Blown Fiberglass Insulation

Using blown fiberglass to insulate your home is an ideal way of saving yourself money and reducing your carbon footprint. Blown fiberglass insulation is most commonly associated with cavity wall insulation, but under the right conditions it can also be used in a loft space.