Solar Boiler Heating Your Home

A solar boiler heating your home is an energy efficient way to save the environment and the strain on your pocketbook. In this world of ever-increasing gas and oil prices, heating your home is becoming more expensive in the winter months.

There are many ways to make your home less energy draining, such as buying new and efficient doors and windows. This alone would save you a few dollars but having a solar boiler heating your home will reduce your energy consumption by nearly half, resulting in higher savings.

How a Solar Boiler Heating System Works

Gas Furnace Comparison

With the cost of electric and other heating sources raising yearly you may find yourself looking for a more efficient way to heat your home. Natural Gas/ Propane are proving to be much more efficient and economical and may be the way to go.


Carrier Gas Furnaces

If you’re looking for gas furnace that has impressive energy efficiency and incredible gas heating look at the Carrier Gas Furnaces. These furnaces are engineered from the innovative Infinity™96 with IdealHumidity™ to the Comfort™80. Carrier is a name you can count on.

A term you need to be familiar with when you are looking at furnaces is AFUE. The AFUE is the rating used to describe the units energy efficiency. The higher the AFUE the more money you will save on your gas bill.


Here is a brief overview of Carriers furnaces and their features.

Pellet Fuel Storage

Just what is pellet fuel? Pellet Fuel is considered a biomass fuel, meaning that it is a renewable energy source composed of things like wood chips, cordwood, old hardwood pallets, corn stalks, and waste paper. It makes good sense to generate heat using these materials which are just going to be thrown away. Theat's where the pellet stove comes in. But what are the issues surrounding pellet fuel storage?

The European model offers a viable concept that may shape the future of pellet fuel storage. The basic system includes the pellet storage container, a pellet burner, an automatic feed unit that supplies the burner, a boiler unit, an exhaust mechanism, and a chimney.

Applying Insulation Effectively

With the rising costs of heating and electricity, possibly the worst thing you could do for your home is to not apply insulation. Applying insulation doesn’t have to be difficult, and if you know what you’re doing, it should take less than an hour to insulate an entire room. Applying even a small amount of insulation correctly will significantly reduce your utility bills – but that’s just the key: doing it correctly.