Pellet Stove Installation

Pellet stove installation is enjoying a renewed popularity due to the steeply rising cost of oil. Everyone wants their homes to be warm and cozy but not everyone can afford to keep their central air on day in and day out.

Many homeowners are buying pellet stoves as their primary source of home heating and some install them to supplement their existing systems. Aesthetically, they look like the old fashioned wood stove but in reality, they are more complex units.

What’s Involved

Heating Duct Insulation

heating duct insulationHas it ever occurred to you that perhaps the reason for your high heating costs is that your heating duct is not insulated adequately? Sure, you want your home warm and cozy, but you don’t want your energy bills to soar through the roof, otherwise you may feel it necessary to rely less on your central heating. That does no one any favors.

Efficiency Reduces Emissions

Home Heating Boilers

valiant brand home boiler for heatingComfort is the top of everyone’s home priority list at the moment. It is no wonder that this is the case when you consider how stressful daily life is for the majority of people. When you come home on a cold winter’s night, you want to be able to watch television or read in a warm and cosy environment regardless of where you are in the house.

The only way to ensure that you can actually do that is to install a central heating system. Central heating will provide every room in your house with warmth thanks to a home heating boiler. They system will revolve around this boiler so it is essential that you do your research and evaluate your options.

Convection Air Home Heating is a Winter Winner

Throughout the chilly months of winter, ways to warm the home becomes a priority. Other than the orange glow of the flickering flames of a fireplace, there are two other main ways to generate cozy heat. These are convection and radiant heating.

Radiant heating comes from directly warming surfaces and although it can feel nice and toasty to sit by a radiator or similar appliance, the rest of the house may feel like a refrigerator by comparison. Convection air home heating is when the air temperature is heated, so that the ambient temperature is more consistent throughout the affected areas.

What’s the difference between Radiant and Convection?

Forced Air Heating

Most modern furnace systems utilize some form of forced air heating. The principle is fairly simple. Air travels through a series of ductwork and into a furnace. There, the air passes through a filter to be purified and to remove dust particles.

There are a few different qualities of filter on the market and some remove more impurities than others do. After the air has been filtered, it is warmed by the heating mechanism and then blown, or forced, back into the ductwork and circulated into the home.