Light Switch Extensions

A light switch extension is a long switch or rod that is attached to a light switch in order to enable small children and the elderly or disabled to easily turn a light on or off. If you have young children or anyone with problems reaching the light switch then light switch extensions may be the answer.

When small children enter or leave their bedroom turning the light on or off can be a challenge. A light switch extension will eliminate the need for them to climb up onto a stool or chair. These extensions make it safer as well as easier for them to be self-sufficient.

Dimmer Switches

Dimmer Switch Very simply put, dimmer switches are used to vary the brightness of a light bulb. They provide the convenience of being able to use the same light fixture for multiple activities that require different amounts of light.

Wireless Light Switches

Wireless Light Residential wireless light switches are to the 2000s what dimmer switches were to the 1970s; one of the must have gadgets. Almost as easy to fit as they are to operate, wireless light switches do much more than just solve the problem of having to get out of your chair to turn a light on or off.

LED Track Lighting Systems

Track LightingLED track lighting systems provide the benefits of LED technology with the adaptability of tracks. Tracks can be bendable and adapted to any shaped area. They go well with uniquely designed living spaces. Track lighting can be incorporated into a complimentary accent to your décor.

Recessed Lighting Fixtures

 Recessed lighting in a ceilingIn this article, we will cover different types of recessed lighting fixtures and discuss where they can be used. While there are hundreds of different styles of recessed lights, there are only two basic types. They are IC rated and Non-IC rated recessed lights. IC stands for Insulation Contact.