Wireless Recessed Lighting

Wireless recessed lighting is a great lighting solution in any room that is used for multiple purposes. Recessed lighting with a dimmer switch that is controlled by a wireless remote allows you to completely change the feel and ambiance of a room without ever getting off the couch.

If you’ve been playing a game with your kids in a brightly lit room but they suddenly start to get sleepy, you can simply lower the lights as they get cozy and start to head to sleep. If you’ve spent the evening entertaining guests, but now they’ve gone and it’s just you and your date, well you can lower the lights to dramatically change the atmosphere and mood of the room. The possible uses and benefits are endless.

Low Voltage Indoor Lighting

The use of low voltage lighting indoors offers several unique solutions to common indoor lighting problems. Low voltage lighting can be used to create soft areas of focused light that do not bleed into other areas of the room, thus allowing to you to create varying quantities of light within a single space. This helps you highlight certain areas of a space, while leaving others in shadow.

Another common use for indoor low voltage lighting is as a spotlight of sorts. Often used in homes that feature prominent works of art, these lighting solutions can be positioned in a number of different ways to draw the eyes of your guess right to the pieces of which you are the most proud.


Low Voltage Cable Lighting

outdoor cable lightsLow voltage cable lighting gives you the opportunity to create a unique atmosphere. Whether you are trying to supply gentle light to a specific area, like over a bar, or trying to highlights something like a painting on a wall, these low voltage lighting solutions are an inexpensive way for you to customize the lighting solutions in any room.

This type of lighting is popular because it doesn’t bleed into other portions of the room. It only provides light in the specific area where it is intended. This feature allows lighting to be placed as a dynamic and functional feature in a room that may be considered dark.

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Recessed Lighting Layout Design

Indoor lighting has changed a lot over the decades, but recessed lighting has stood the test of time as an inexpensive lighting option that provides versatility in design. Using the recessed lighting in your home to its best advantage means coming up with a lighting layout design that will provide the most light possible in the areas where it is most needed.

Spacing Lights for the Best Effect

Understanding how recessed lighting spreads its light is integral to coming up with a design. Figure out how far the lights really spread the light. It may be 5 feet and it may be 8 or 9 feet. However large the diameter of effective light is, that will determine the spacing the lighting needs in order to be most effective.

Placement of Low Voltage Lighting

Adding low voltage lighting to your landscaping is a fairly easy and inexpensive way to enhance your outdoor living space. Whether you choose to use the low voltage lights to lights a walkway, or choose to place them around a fountain, they will work very well in making your yard a warm and inviting place.

As you try to determine where you would like to place the low voltage lighting that you are considering, a few factors need to be taken into account.