Low Voltage Lighting Fixtures

The addition of low voltage lighting fixtures is a fairly simple and cost effective way to enhance the appearance and value of your home’s outdoor living space. Whether you are using them to illuminate a walkway or to highlight a landscaping feature, these light fixtures will transform your yard into a twilight wonderland. You can wire them directly into a light switch that you control from inside your home or you can set them with a sensor so that they come on automatically at dusk.


How to Install Lighting

If you are one of the many Americans that have taken on the notion of doing many of your home improvements and home repairs upon themselves, I am sure at some point you will wonder how to install lighting.

I must begin by saying that playing with electricity is something that is best left to professionals and I highly encourage you to seek the advice, guidance, and services of a professional for projects that deal with electricity. That being said, the answer to the question of how to install lighting is simple; very carefully.

Installing Under Cabinet Halogen Lights

A kitchen is a brighter, more pleasant place to work when its countertops are illuminated by under-cabinet fixtures. Under-cabinet lighting provides a sparkling decorative effect and gives you excellent task lighting. A 120-volt system requires hours of fishing and installing fixture boxes in one of the most crowded and complicated areas of the house.

An attractive alternative is the low-voltage system. Low-voltage halogen lights operated with a remote-controlled, surface-mounted switch can be installed in a day and look as good as a more permanent system.

Type of Light

Halogen Vanity Lighting

Halogen lighting was invented to address the problem of short life spans in incandescent bulbs (halogen lights are a special type of incandescent bulb). In an incandescent lamp, the thickness of the filament may vary. The resistance of the filament is higher at the thinner portions, causing those areas to be hotter than the thicker parts of the filament.

Wrought Iron Lighting Pendant

Many people think of wrought iron as a rather rough, rustic material, suitable only for outdoor furniture, fencing, or tools. But artisans skilled at working with this metal have created some surprisingly refined, elegant-looking pieces that work wonderfully in the most sophisticated homes.

Lighting made with wrought iron is one home accent that has caught the attention of designers and decorators across the country and is proving to be quite a sensation. If you find the appeal of a wrought iron lighting pendant to your liking, here are a few places you can shop to find the perfect one to suit your needs.

Where to Buy