Suspended Wire Pendant Lighting

From glamorously graceful to funky and fun, suspended wire pendant lighting can make a delightfully desirable impact on almost any home decor scheme. Hung from the ceiling by chains or rods, this type of lighting works well in nearly any room of the home where one can be attached with enough headroom to prevent bumping into it.

Go-Anywhere Lighting

Used as task lighting in the kitchen, for example, suspended pendant lighting does its job beautifully over countertops, sinks, and cooking areas. Hung staggered over an area in a row of three or more (always use odd-numbered groupings for visual aesthetics) gives you a choice of lighting power over an area while attaching them all in an evenly hung row makes for a dramatic style effect.

Using Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Once you have your landscaping done, you feel such pride at how beautiful your home and yard looks that you want to shine a spotlight on it and let everyone see, day or night, how gorgeous it looks. Easily done during the day but at night, you need to generate some light.

How to Install Cove Lighting

Cove lighting is a form of indirect lighting that emanates from ledges, valances, or horizontal recesses on the upper wall or in the ceiling of a room. Installing cove lighting is relatively easy compared to other forms of lighting because it requires no special tools or hardware and many manufacturers design their lighting so it can be either hard wired into your electrical system, or soft wired (via a plug) into an available outlet.

Lighting from cove lighting is designed to be directed upwards and distributed over the ceiling or cabinet space to produce a warm, soft glow without any harsh direct lighting effects.

Capiz Chandelier

A Capiz chandelier is made out of Capiz shells. These shells are also known as windowpane oyster shells. The Capiz shells come from the Philippines and Indonesia. These shells are circular and have a pearl sheen to them. They come from a Mollusk and look beautiful when strung together to make a Capiz Chandelier.

The Translucent Beauty of a Capiz Chandelier

How to Mount Track Lighting

red tracl lightingYour five-year-old son is going to be the next Picasso, you can already tell. You want to hang his latest masterpiece on the wall and make it the focal point of the room, but how to achieve the effect?

Track lighting, of course. Track lighting offers the opportunity to much better control the mood and emphasis of a room's lighting. With so many colors and styles, it is just as beautiful as it is functional.