Laying Paving Slabs

Laying paving slabs can be a lovely alternative to a typical patio or pathway in your backyard – however, before attempting this project, please keep in mind that paving slabs can be very heavy.

Please have a second person on hand to assist you, and do not strain yourself if you find the pieces are too heavy. If you are going to lift them yourself, make sure that your back is straight and that your legs take the weight instead of your back and midsection. Any slabs over 600x600mm should always, always be carried by two people. Also, be sure to wear heavy gloves and protective clothing to avoid irritation or burns on your skin.

Excavate the Designated Area

Framing Concrete Patio Areas

A concrete patio can be a simple solution to add some character to your backyard, provided you’re willing to take the time to keep it clean and add some good-looking furniture – after all, what’s a patio without the perfect deck chairs?

It also makes for some very easy mowing, since there aren’t odd angles to work around – plus, concrete lasts for a very long time when it’s taken care of properly. When you’re ready to get started, keep in mind that you’ll have to excavate the area before framing concrete patio can begin.

Planning & Preparation

Free Standing Patio Covers

A free standing patio cover is a great idea for any home. It can be located on the front, rear, or side of the home. It can serve various purposes but it is usually desired because of the protection from the elements that it provides. It will allow you to spend time outdoors shaded from the sun and untouched by the rain or it might be used to keep the harmful UV rays from ruining your car or boat.

Some patio cover roofs are not solid but decorative, where the joists are exposed to the sky and block any of the sun's rays that are not directly overhead. Any way you use it, it is a good investment in the value of your home.

How to Install Outdoor Tile

Having outdoor tiling can add to your home’s exterior and create lovely places to gather as a family. One of the most popular places to install outdoor tile is on a patio area. Saltillo tiles are ideal for adding your personal touch to your home’s exterior.

Select an Area to Tile

The first step is to choose the area outside that you want to place the tile. Perhaps you want to create a new patio area or even a new walkway to the front entrance? Select the area that you want to place the Saltillo tiles and measure it. Write down all the measurements to take with you to the local store.

Choosing Your Quantities

Rubber Surfacing for Patios

Rubber Surfacing for Poolside PatioChoosing a rubber surfacing for patios over tiling, cement, or finished wood is a good idea if you want to put safety first – and a great idea if you live in a climate that gets a lot of rain!

Rubber surfacing is safer than other surfaces, primarily because it’s meant to be a non-slip material that protects you from harming yourself. If most local playground developers are choosing rubber surfacing for children’s play areas, why not think about rubber surfacing for your home patio?

Rubber Surfacing DIY