Decorating with Accessory Bathroom Items

Getting just the right bathroom accessory can help you organize your space as well as giving it that decorator touch. Towel bars, for instance, can be installed on the back of the door, freeing up wall space. Towel rings are space savers, and can fit close to the shower for convenience. Look for towel rings in materials that accent the decor in your bathroom.

Wooden accessory bathroom items are widely available and add to a country look. They also accent an elegant look, as do ceramic or chrome accessory bathroom items. Look for whole collections of accessory bathroom objects, including towel rings, bars, toothbrush holder, soap dish, etc., all of which are made to match.

A robe hook is an accessory bathroom item that has multiple purposes. Place one in the dressing area to hang the outfit on that you intend to put on after your bath. If your washer and dryer happen to be in the bathroom, a robe hook is a good place to keep a hanger or two for hanging items as they come out of the dryer.

In addition, the steam from your bath can ease the wrinkles out of your outfit. Cup hooks double as accessory bathroom items, too. The kind with a suction cup can be placed on the mirror as a place to hang necklaces and hair scrunchies.

A bathroom accessory item that can sometimes be found at a craft fair is a wooden rack for storing your blow dryer and curling iron. This accessory will keep these useful items handy, but off the counter and out of the way. If you're handy with a saw and hammer, you might want to find a pattern for one of these. They can be painted to match your decor and decoupaged as desired. You can also find cute wooden shelves and pegs for hanging things.

Craft fairs are also a source for fabric accessory bathroom items. What about a cute crocheted toilet paper roll cover for a child's bathroom? Also, don't overlook the potential for drawstring storage bags as a decorative accessory bathroom item. These can be easily sewn and make a terrific place to store feminine supplies within arm's reach of the toilet.

Drawstring bags can be used to store shoe shine supplies and other miscellaneous grooming aids, too. Since these accessory bathroom items are hung up, they do not clutter the floor or counter tops, making clean-ups easier.