How to Add a Pond Fountain to Your Yard

You have a lovely garden, and the pond that serves as the centerpiece sets off the surrounding landscaping so nicely. Still, there is something missing. You need a little extra to make your backyard sanctuary perfect. A pond fountain might be the answer and installing one is easy to do.

Not only will a pond fountain enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor area, the fountain can help to oxygenate the water and keep whatever plants and fish you have in the pond healthier. Many people think this is a big job involving a landscaper's services, but the work involved on how to add a pond fountain to your current waterscape is pretty simple.

The Equipment

Pond fountains, when broken down to their base elements, are very simple. The fountain is usually made up of a submersible electric pump that circulates the water, and a fountain jet that shoots the water above the surface of the pond.

The style and size of the fountain depends largely on your personal tastes. Do you want the classic look of a Greek or Roman statuary? Or are you looking for something more natural, like the gentle flow of water over rocks? Whatever your choice turns out to be, here is some information on how to add a pond fountain.

Start with Planning

You might think you need information on how to add a pond fountain to your landscaping, but good backyard projects start with proper planning. First of all, consider the size and shape of your pond. You're going to have to think about how to reach the fountain for repairs and upkeep.

If you have a large pond, do you really want to swim out to the center to fix something broken? That might be nice in July, but what happens when the weather is cool and the water cold? The desired design in your mind could be a problem if your fountain isn't close to one of the edges.

For small ponds, location is just as big an issue, as you don't want your water fountain to overpower the space. The ultimate place to install your fountain is one where it will enhance the natural beauty, not take it over. Try to pick an area to install your fountain where it will be handy, where access is easy, and where it embellishes the pond without becoming the major focal feature.

Power Sources

Learning how to add a pond fountain to your backyard area involves some basic science. You'll need electricity to power the equipment, and most everyone knows that water and electricity don't mix very well. You'll need a way to ground the socket the pump is connected to. An electrician can easily install a power source and check for safety issues with a ground fault circuit interrupter to prevent electrical shocks.

Another option if you live in a sunny climate is to go solar. Solar powered pond pumps are available and work great. The energy savings alone can pay for them quickly, and you'll feel better about your pond.

Pump Clearance

For those who want to know the next step about how to add a pond fountain, there's little more than setting the pump housing into the water. To get your pump properly positioned so that the fountain head is above the water, you will have to raise it off of the floor of the pond. Cinderblocks or flower pots turned upside down act as a good platform for the pump. Raising your pump will help to keep it from getting clogged with any debris sucked up from the bottom of the pond.

There isn't much involved in how to add a pond fountain, but since you are dealing with the overall aesthetics of your garden, consider what to do with any excess cords. If the outlet for your power is close to the pond, you can coil up the excess cord and tuck it under a bush. If your cord has to travel across your lawn, then you need dig a small trench from the pond to the power source and bury the cord beneath the dirt.

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Pond image by Nicora