Aerators for Ponds

You've gone to all the work of putting in a pond, filled around it and in it with plants and maybe even added some nice statuary and/or a pretty footbridge. And now you want to add some koi or goldfish for that perfect, just-right touch. Since you've done all this, it's important to know about taking care of those fish, and one of the ways to do that is make sure they are kept with an adequate supply of fresh, rejuvenating oxygen in the water so they'll stay healthy and vigorous. Aerators for ponds are just the things to do this with.

Overview of Benefits

Aerators for ponds not only give live-giving, oxygen-rich air fish, but they also added dramatic visual interest as well as provide a soothing sound to ponds and water gardens. Just the sight of a water fountain in your pond, jetting up into the air and sparkling in the sun, brings a sense of immediate refreshment.

The splashing sounds not only drown out noise from traffic and/or neighbors, it evokes a tranquil, one-on-one experience with nature. As an added bonus, because pond aerators cause movement of the water, mosquito larvae are unable to survive, so you can enjoy your outdoor retreat without the threat of those aggravating insects.

Causes of Low Oxygen

But one of the most important characteristics of aerators for ponds is their function of giving essential oxygen to fish. Certain conditions cause oxygen levels to deplete. Some of these include a sudden growth (or death) of algae, long durations of high-temperature weather, and the decomposition of organic wastes.

Without the use of aerators to supply direly needed oxygen, you could possibly visit the pond you've worked so hard to create only to find the fish, sometimes very expensive fish, you've so lovingly nurtured floating at the top of the water or washed up on the banks.

Size and Placement

Aerators for ponds come in different sizes with small to extra-large pumps and in an array of spray patterns for decorative purposes. The sizes of the pumps are important. If you wish to use pumps that re-circulate and spray smaller amounts of water in a medium or large pond or water garden, you'll need to install more than one.

If you choose to use a large aerator, you need to take care to place it properly. Putting a large fountain at the side of a pond may look aesthetically pleasing to you, but it won't provide needed oxygen to anywhere but the immediate area in which it's placed. By installing it in the middle of the pond, you'll be providing the necessary circulation to all areas of the water.

You can make your own aerators for ponds, if you're handy, with a purchased submersible pump and (preferably) copper tubing. Or to save time and effort, you can easily find them for sale at any number of online or brick-and-mortar retailers that sell aquatic supplies. The key lies in making sure you get the right size and in placing them properly in the pond.

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