The Aeron Chair

People from all over seem to be heaping praise upon the Aeron chair, the award-winning office chair from Herman Miller. And once you learn what makes the Aeron chair so special, it just might find its way into your home or office, too!

Since people tend to come in a variety of sizes, the Aeron chair accommodates that by coming offered in three sizes to fit small, average, and large body types. The chair's adjustment features and suspension system also work to make the Aeron chair comfortable for a wide range of seating requirements: working at the computer, desk, or for long sitting spells at meetings and conferences.

A Winner in Seating

Distributing the body's weight equally and evenly over the seat and back areas turns the suspension system of the Aeron chair into a mechanism of healthful support. This alleviates pressure on the back and buttocks areas by conforming to each individual's body shape. The mesh-like material also provides airflow in the Aeron chair to keep it cool, in addition to form-fitting to unique body types.

The Aeron chair also provides custom-fitted support for the lower back. This support enhances and encourages better posture, which, in turn, adds to the overall comfort of sitting - especially for long time periods.

Generously wide, softly padded armrests slope in the front on the Aeron chair and its seat features a "waterfall" front edge that reduces pressure on the upper legs. Better blood flow in the thighs aids greatly in good circulation. Stiff, numb legs become a thing of the past in the Aeron chair.


Its price poses possibly the only negative with the Aeron chair. Normally priced at around $1,200 for the deluxe version, you can find them cheaper online at places like eBay ( and perhaps at Amazon ( But don't expect to ever get a good Aeron chair for less than $300 or $400, even if it's used.

The Aeron chair may be the last office chair you ever buy, however. So keep that in mind when you're adding up costs versus quality. For the sake of your posture and your ergonomic health, it's definitely worth keeping these chairs in mind and investigating further. But from everything said about them so far, it's true: The Aeron chair is a winner.