Air Compressor Selection

Air compressors are very useful tools. They can be used for a variety of different jobs and projects. You can use an air compressor in your shop, at the jobsite, in your garage, or around the house for smaller projects.

So which air compressor selection is right for you? It all depends on where you are going to use it and what projects you would like to accomplish.

Around the House

The smallest type of air compressor that you can purchase is usually referred to as an inflator. This type of air compressor is simple, easy to use, and will let you perform a variety of simple household functions.

It is the perfect pool accessory because you can inflate all of the kid’s pool toys, sports equipment, and other inflatable toys. These models are cheap and very functional.

A portable air compressor is the next step up from an inflator. These you will find are much more costly, but if you need a reliable piece of machinery for various functions, it is a good investment to look at. Speed is the major difference between this model and an inflator.

You will be able to push the air in objects much faster and you can also use this tool to operate small air tools, staplers, nailer, and air brush kits.

In the Garage

If you are buying an air compressor to run air tools in the garage, you will want to know how to pick out the right on for you. If speed and power are the issue, you will want to know exactly what you are looking for. The speed that the air comes out of the compressor is measured in cubic feet per minute.

Most people want to refer to this as horsepower, but that is not what an air compressor is measured in. Instead, the CFM rate will be what you look at in order to find the right tool for the right job.

CFM is important for your tools because if the flow is not strong enough, your air tools will not run properly. If you want to get an air compressor that works with all of your tools, you will want to buy one that exceeds the CFM rate of your most powerful tool. This way, all of your tools will work with one single air compressor.

On Your Jobsite

If you run a construction company or any other type of business that utilizes air compressors, you will find that have more powerful air compressors for all of your major air tools will be the key to getting the job done fast and done right.

If you are working with an air compressor that is just too small for the job, the job will never get done. The longer you spend doing one job, the more money you are losing. You will also want to find out about buying discounts for businesses that need air compressors, because many companies will look to give you a deal on bulk purchases.

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