Airless Paint Sprayers Make Light Work of Painting

Do-it-yourself homeowners generally fall into two camps when it comes to painting: the love-it group and the hate-it group. Fortunately, there's a way to bridge the divide. It's called an airless paint sprayer and it has recently revolutionized the way people paint their homes.

Much like the paint sprayers used by professional painters, the home versions of airless paint sprayers compress paint and you simply point, pull the trigger and shoot the paint - although hopefully you'll use a little more skill than that.

If you rent an airless paint sprayer, you might find it has a bit more power than the type you can buy and keep in your garage. However, if you have a lot of painting do, or are fickle about your paint choices and find you paint and re-paint often, purchasing an airless paint sprayer might make sense.


If you purchase an airless paint sprayer, splurge a bit on buying an extension, which will allow you to get to hard-to-reach places and put you on a ladder less often. If you rent a sprayer, ask the rental store to add an extension onto your rental tab.

Once you get the airless paint sprayer home, you'll want to cover absolutely everything you don't want painted. This type of painting is faster than using a roller, but it can be a bit less direct, and consumers often report forgetting to cover everything. The end result from this is painted items that don't need paint.

Therefore, be sure to take the time to mask off everything, and move furniture a minimum of three feet away from the walls you'll be painting with the airless paint sprayer. Further is better, if you have the room.

Test First

It's a good idea to do a test spray on a piece of cardboard first, just to be sure you have the pressure right and you have a feel for how to apply the paint evenly. Once you feel confident using the airless paint sprayer, fire away. Use the same technique you use with most painting jobs, starting with the difficult areas first and then cutting in, and leaving the large, open and easy spots for later.

Most people report the hardest part of using an airless paint sprayer is cleaning it up. If you rent a sprayer, be sure to clean the machine thoroughly so you don't get charged a hefty clean fee. If you purchase a sprayer, you'll want to thoroughly clean the sprayer before storing it away for the next paint session.

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