How to Use an Airless Paint Sprayer

One of the most useful skills to acquire if you are into home remodeling is learning how to use an airless paint sprayer. Outside of the brush and roller, the airless paint rig ranks as one of the best home improvement devices ever created.

Save Time and Work the Airless Way

With the ability to apply numerous coats of finishes including paint, primers, and stains, if you know how to use an airless paint sprayer, you will be able to do the job in a fraction of the time it would take you to do the same job manually (by hand).

Airless paint sprayers work by atomizing whatever finish you are applying, forcing it through a tiny tip opening using very high pressure. As you learn how to use an airless paint sprayer, you will find it consists of the following components: the pump, a hose, the gun, and a tip from which the finish sprays.

Although there are two types of pumps used in airless paint sprayers, the diaphragm and the piston, we will focus on the most versatile-type pump, the piston. The piston pump airless paint sprayer, unlike the diaphragm, handles paint and other finishes with a greater range of thickness.

Dont Be Frugal With Sprayer Hoses

One important lesson to learn about how to use an airless paint sprayer involves the hose. The typical high-pressure hose on an airless sprayer operates handling 3,000 pounds per square inch (psi) of compressed air created by the pump. Although the hoses on airless rigs are very tough, being kink-resistant and made to last, do not fool around with one if it becomes damaged.

Learning how to use an airless paint sprayer safely must include the knowledge that attempting to repair this hose can be very dangerous. If the hose becomes damaged, always replace it with a new one; never try to fix it. With pressure that high, should the hose pop off, it could become a deadly projectile.

Grips and Spray Tips

How to use an airless paint sprayer effectively includes knowing about two- and four-finger spray guns. Most users agree that the two-finger-type gun provides the most comfortable grip and also maintains a helpful balance during operation.

Another aspect of learning how to use an airless paint sprayer consists of knowing about spray tips. The spray tip selection depends on what type of finish you are using, how thick it is, and the capabilities of your spray rigs pump. Spray tips are designated by three numbers: the first number is half the actual size of the fan (width of the spray) and the two following numbers are the actual size of the tip orifice in thousandths.

So, for instance, a 417 spray tip produces a fan of eight inches and the opening the finish comes out of is .017 of an inch wide. Your rigs manufacturer includes recommendations for which spray gun tips to use for whatever finish you will be using.

This information should be a good starting place at learning how to use an airless paint sprayer safely and effectively. To learn more, visit the Web site of your airless sprayers manufacturer or read the enclosed literature that most likely came with your rig. Good luck with your new rig and happy (safe and efficient) painting!

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