Airless Paint Sprayer Extensions

Painting high ceilings or high walls in a home is a big project, and many homeowners are unwilling to do it themselves because of the difficulty involved in reaching the high places. Airless paint sprayer extensions have made this job much easier, and they come in home versions that are relatively easy to use.

Airless paint sprayer extensions extend the reach of home paint sprayers, reducing the time needed on a ladder and instilling confidence in homeowners who are attempting large painting projects.

In the past, the only way to paint a vaulted ceiling was the constant use of a ladder or even scaffolding to reach the area. Airless paint sprayer extensions are a fairly recent painting gadget, and have already greatly changed the way that homes are painted.

The Airless Paint Sprayer

There are now special, easy to use home versions of the powerful paint sprayers used by professionals. Like the professional models, the home versions compress paint and are easily sprayed by pulling the trigger and shooting the paint at the wall or ceiling. Sprayers and airless paint sprayer extensions can be bought or rented from many home improvement stores.

The extensions usually incur an extra rental cost, but are well worth it when vaulted or high ceilings are involved. If there is a lot of painting to be done in the home, or if the paint will need to be repainted often, buying an airless sprayer may be a more convenient and economical option than renting one.

Using airless paint sprayer extensions is an even faster painting method than using a paint roller, but it does tend to splatter a little. Before using the paint sprayer, everything in the room should be covered with sheets or tarps to protect it from paint splatters and spills. Furniture and other items should also be moved at least three feet away from the walls that are to be painted, both to protect them from damage and to allow room for the painter and the sprayer.

Before spraying the wall, doing a few test sprays will help you get the feel of using the sprayer. Spraying a piece of cardboard of scrap wood will let you know if you have the spray pressure set correctly and that you can evenly apply the paint. The airless paint sprayer extensions should be added to the sprayer according to the manufacturers instructions so that the sprayer is not damaged.

Painting With a Sprayer

Most people prefer to paint the higher parts of a room first, which will mean attaching the airless paint sprayer extensions to the sprayer right away. When the high areas are painted first, any dripping of the paint can be more easily corrected than if the low area had already been painted. An airless paint sprayer requires an even hand to apply the paint uniformly, and several coats may be necessary to achieve the color desired.

Once all of the painting is done, the airless paint sprayer extensions and the sprayer itself will need to be thoroughly cleaned. If the machine has been rented, a sprayer that has not been cleaned can mean paying cleaning fees. If the machine was bought, it must be cleaned thoroughly before putting it away. Dried paint in a sprayer or in the extension can make the next painting project difficult.

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