Aluminum Deck

Have you considered using aluminum as a material for building a deck onto your home? Aluminum decking is often an overlooked option for residential decking, so in this article we will explore your aluminum decking options and you can decide if aluminum decking is right for your home. We are here to help you decide if it is a realistic option for your situation and budget.

As you will see by reading below, there are a lot of factors in determining if aluminum decking is right for your individual unique situation. It is great for some homes and not so great for others. Find out how well aluminum decking would suit your home by considering the detailed arguments in this article about the pros and cons of aluminum as a decking material and an alternative to wood decking.

Attributes of Aluminum Decking

Aluminum decking has several attributes that are unique to aluminum as a deck material. For instance it is lighter than just about any other material. For its weight, it is also very durable. It is fairly weather resistant, however it does have a negative quality in colder climates. In colder climates it has the tendency to frost easily and is slippery when it freezes, causing a potential danger when walking on it.

But there are probably more benefits to aluminum then detracting attributes. For one thing, aluminum is slightly less expensive than other non-wood alternatives, but it is more expensive than wood decking. One potentially beneficial attribute is that aluminum decking can be made to be completely waterproof which may be just what you need for a second story deck situation.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable over time, long-lasting
  • Reasonably priced wood alternative
  • Water resistant
  • Good at resisting salt air in tropical climates


  • Noisy if you have children playing on it or a lot of traffic
  • Slippery when frozen
  • More difficult to install so installation is best left to professionals

There is a lot to think about and consider when deciding whether or not to use aluminum decking material for your house. Really it all depends on your situation. For example if you are in a northern climate where it freezes frequently and you have kids that will play on the deck often, it may not be good for you.

On the other hand, if you live in Florida or California and you want a second store deck added to your home and you don’t have any children that are likely to play on the deck, then aluminum may be the perfect solution for you. So hopefully this article will be instrumental in helping you decide whether or not aluminum decking is right for your unique situation.

Cost of Aluminum Decking

The cost of your aluminum deck is going to depend mostly on size, location and the installers you choose to do the job. Estimates are not readily available on the internet, but you can get pricing on materials. From there you can compute what it would cost to buy materials with some simple math.

Six feet by 2 feet single surface planks cost from $195 to $300 each and the support beams cost around $60 to $90 each, so while it’s not real cheap, it is cheaper than PVC and some other synthetic options. Also, you can get 8 feet by 2 feet sections for $375 to $400 each.

Wood is clearly cheaper. However, when thinking of the greater cost of aluminum, you must also consider that aluminum is likely to outlast a wood deck by many years making aluminum a more cost effective option over time. Also you have to consider what it costs to have it designed and installed.

It usually will cost around $500 to have a design drawn up for your home and installation varies greatly depending on who you hire, so shop around and ask questions. It isn’t recommended that you do it yourself unless you have experience, so hiring someone is bound to save money in the long run. Aluminum decking is installed with the clips that hold it together totally hidden from view, making it hard to install for the average person.

If you try to do it yourself you may become frustrated and end up having to hire a professional anyway, so be warned! But have fun adding a deck onto your home. A deck can add hours of outdoor fun in the sun to your life and the opportunity to grill outside is much more frequent when it is right out on the deck.