Antique Hardwood Flooring

Antique hardwood flooring can give your home's atmosphere a feeling that no other kind of flooring can approach. The look of old wood is truly unique, and although there are plenty of faux weathered wood flooring materials available in today's marketplace, there is no fully satisfying substitute for antique hardwood flooring. If you have a home that demands hardwood floors with a historical character, most experts agree that only genuinely vintage wood will give you the impact that you desire.

Before you make a firm decision against new wood, it is a good idea to take into account the difficulties that antique flooring can bring. Antique hardwood flooring is not always easy to find or to afford in the quantity and style that your unique project demands.

The majority of antique hardwood flooring on the market is salvaged, which means that it is only available in fairly limited sizes and finishes. If you are lucky, you may be able to get old wood custom milled to your specifications, but as the demand for antique floorboards goes up, these resources become more challenging to find.

In order to get the look of old wood, you may have to compromise on what kind of hardwood you choose. Alternately, you may have to add a decorative border of new materials to your room. This helps fill out the space if you are not able to find enough of your ideal antique hardwood to cover the desired area.

Often, deciding not to compromise by doing your floors in new wood can lead to other compromises down the road, so it is a good idea to pause in your decision making process periodically to weigh the costs and benefits. Although the idea of antique hardwood flooring may seem like the only viable option for the look you want, the realities of what kind of antique floors you will end up with may sway your decision back to new wood.

When ordering new wood, you can be sure to get wood from your preferred trees in the sizes that your project requires, but when searching out antique wood flooring, you do not have these luxuries.

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