Antique Pedestal Sinks

Antiques have been popular for quite some time and well placed antiques look wonderful in a home. They add a bit of charm and an old world feel to a home. Antique pedestal sinks are no exception. You can remodel a modern bathroom to have a cozy, inviting feel to it by adding antique pedestal sinks instead of the standard sinks that typically come with homes these days.

Antique pedestal sinks are a great addition to a powder room or vanity area where you do not need a lot of storage area. You can still provide the functionality of the sink like you normally would but will lose the under sink storage. Most people do not find this area necessary in a powder room or guest bathroom which makes these ideal locations for antique pedestal sinks.


If you are looking for antique pedestal sinks, you will need to be prepared to pay a premium. As with other types of antiques, antique pedestal sinks in good condition are fairly expensive. They are much more expensive than the sinks you can find in plumbing stores and home improvement centers.

They are, however, built to last and will be a great investment that will last a very long time. Be prepared to pay at least a thousand dollars on a pedestal sink that is simple and later model. The older, better condition and more ornate antique pedestal sinks are, the more expensive they get and you can pay several thousands of dollars for one.

If the expense seems a little too daunting for antique pedestals sinks, you can always go for faux antique pedestal sinks. These sinks have the look and feel of an antique but are made with modern tools and are simply distressed or designed to look like they are antique. The faux antique pedestal sinks will lend the same classic feel to a bathroom, guest bathroom or powder room as the authentic ones but at a fraction of the cost.

Where to Buy

These items can be found in home improvement stores, plumbing stores and home interior stores. The cost of these sinks is significantly lower and may be a great way to save some money and still have a similar look to the antique pedestal sinks.

A serpentine type antique pedestal sink sold for three thousand two hundred dollars when a similar styled new sink sells for approximately five hundred dollars. This is a significant cost difference.

If you have the budget for one of the original antique pedestal sinks, you will need to look at the plumbing because there may be some restrictions on the type you can purchase depending on the type of plumbing you have in your home. Otherwise, you will be in for some costly plumbing work.

Check with the dealer before purchasing to see if there are any special instructions in regards to the sink you like. You can find antique pedestal sinks at antiques stores and in some home improvement and interior design shops. You can also search the Internet for these antique sinks.

You can look at antique stores that sell their wares online or plumbing and bathroom fixture sites that have an antiques section. Additionally, you can look at online auction sites for individuals who may be selling their antique pedestal sinks. If purchasing online, make sure you have a warranty and see plenty of pictures to be certain you are buying a quality product.

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