Antique Pine Flooring

Nothing beats antique pine flooring for creating a warm, country feel in the home. When restoring an older home, you might get lucky and already have antique pine flooring that just needs a little TLC to be ready to live with. If you're building new or remodeling a newer home, there are several ways to achieve that antique look when installing a pine floor.

  • Use recycled lumber that has been salvaged from other buildings. Many do-it-yourselfers routinely tear down old buildings for landowners in return for the vintage lumber. In some cases, this lumber can be reused as antique pine flooring.
  • Antique lumber can also be purchased from some dealers. Beams from old barns are often cut into flooring planks. If purchasing these boards for your antique pine flooring, ask if it has been kiln-dried. This is an important step, because old wood can harbor moisture. Another consideration is the length of the flooring planks. Recycled lumber often comes only in shorter lengths.

Planks for antique pine flooring are available in several widths, from 3 inches wide to 8 inches wide. Wide planks have a different appeal than narrower ones, but either can create a homey, warm appeal. Pine is familiar for its knots, which show up as darkened spots at random intervals in the wood. There are several species of pine, which each have a slightly different color. Yellow pine results in flooring which is almost an amber color, but other types of pine are a light natural color.

In addition to natural knots, antique pine flooring boards are likely to have a few nail holes, original saw marks, and even a few hairline cracks. Some dealers offer a choice of wood that has many nail holes as an especially charming surface. Dealers sometimes sand these boards down for the home owner's ease in refinishing the floor, or they can be left distressed and natural, if desired.

To sum it all up, whether you like the yellow wood or the more natural tone, nail holes and knots, or just an antique look, choosing genuine antique pine flooring will give your home an authentic feel that just can't be duplicated with new lumber or wood laminates.

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