Aprilaire Humidifiers

When winter arrives, many people automatically think about how they are going to heat their homes, but they should also consider the advantages of an Aprilaire humidifier. Heating alone is not enough; most heating systems tend to make the air dry and give your indoors a desert feel. An Aprilaire humidifier will lessen some of the effects that heating alone can cause in your home, including ceiling damage, wood shrinkage, and annoying static.

When the weather is cold, it can hold less moisture, and while heaters make the air warmer, they do not replace the moisture that is lost. Aprilaire humidifiers can make everyone in your home comfortable as well as warm, and can protect your indoor plants from wilting.

Humidity Levels

Indoor relative humidity should be around 35-40%, and this is level of humidity cannot be reached by most other humidifiers, although an Aprilaire humidifier can create optimal levels of moisture. An Aprilaire humidifier pays for itself, since the shrinkage in window frames that results from poor indoor humidity create gaps that allow cold air to enter, thereby increasing your heating bill.

The Aprilaire humidifier was first introduced in 1954, and has been the most popular humidifier since with ever changing styles and designs. An Aprilaire humidifier moistens the air with pure water vapor and not droplets that can carry impurities.

For the cost-conscious, an Aprilaire humidifier is the best option, since it uses less than $15 worth of water per season. There is a large selection of products with different sizes and designs, and it is very easy to select the Aprilaire humidifier that is right for your home or business.

Health Benefits

Symptoms of winter, such as dry, itchy skin, nasal congestion and dry throat can be reduced or eliminated by using an Aprilaire humidifier. Doctors often suggest using a humidifier to treat such symptoms, which can seem like indications of the common cold, but which may actually have their source in dry indoor air.

For optimum health, it is recommended to use an air humidifier, preferably placing it in your bedroom or in any room of the house. Dehydration is a factor that reduces the immune system and can lead to ailments; by adding moisture to the air your breathe, you can also prevent your nasal passages and skin from drying out.