Aqua Mix Tile Sealer

Floors are expensive things. Whether you lay carpet, install hardwood planks or have stunning granite or stone put down, floors make up a huge part of the investment that is your home. The last thing you want is to see your precious investment covered in stains and to have difficulty cleaning it.

Stone and tile must have a mandatory treatment with a tile sealer to ensure they remain as pristine as possible for the long term.

Aqua Mix tile sealer is a premium product that provides maximum protection against stains on stone, tile and grout. It gives a no-sheen, natural looking result and is a water-based sealer that penetrates the surface giving it long-term protection from a range of stains.

Versatility Galore

The beauty of Aqua Mix tile sealer is that it’s so versatile. This one product is recommended for marble, limestone, travertine, granite and slate as well as porous stones plus tile and grout. That makes it a desirable product for many homes because so many floors vary throughout the house and there’s no need to buy a sealer for one floor that can’t be used on another.

Because Aqua Mix can be applied soon after grouting – a minimum of two hours is best – it means the sealing process can be done efficiently and without having tradespeople wait around or return to finish the job. This adds to its economical advantages.

Another beneficial use of Aqua Mix tile sealer is that it can be used in pre-grouting as a sealer and this allows for much easier clean-up of grout on more porous surfaces.

Economical and Easy Application

Coverage too is economical. Depending on the surface and porosity of the surface you are sealing, as well as the relative humidity, the atmospheric temperature and the method you use to apply it, you’ll get approximately 300 to 1500 square feet per coat per gallon. For most dense surfaces, one coat might be sufficient but you be the judge after the first. Just apply more liberally for better absorption.

As with any such product, it’s essential to use protective clothing such as gloves while using Aqua Mix tile sealer. Be sure to read all instructions before commencing work, to avoid applying incorrectly and compromising the beauty and longevity of your floors.

The product can be applied using sponges, paint pad applicators or sprayers. If you need to apply a second or even third coat, lightly wipe the surface a few minutes after application using paper towel and allow to dry for around 30 minutes before applying the next coat.

Test for Water Repulsion

Two hours after application, apply a few water droplets to the surface and if the water soaks in, you’ll need to apply another coat. Repeat the test to determine if yet another coat is needed.

Your surfaces will be ready to walk on about two hours after completing the final coat but you must keep the area dry for a full twelve hours. Within 24 hours, the floor will be fully cured.

Once your floors are sealed with Aqua Mix, you can happily clean them by vacuuming, sweeping and mopping without worrying that water from the mop will penetrate them and damage the appearance.

The best time to apply Aqua Mix tile sealer is before there is any opportunity for your floors to be vulnerable to spills. As soon as the surfaces are installed, do not delay.

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