Arched Window Draperies

If you have lovely arched windows, it can be hard to determine a good looking way to hang draperies. Thankfully, there are a number of options in arched window draperies on the market. You have your choice of whether you wish to control the light coming in through the top arch or leave it uncovered.

There are also special drapery rods and even louvered blinds designed for the arched tops of these windows. Arched window draperies don't need to be a challenge for the homeowner.

If you wish to be able to close off the entire window, the simplest solution is to hang your arched window draperies from a straight rod attached at the top of the window.

When the drapes are closed, you will not be able to tell that they are arched windows at all. It will simply look like a tall window. If you want to feature the arch design more, this option might not be for you. (Of course the arched window will still be apparent from the outside. It will just be covered on the inside.)

Arched Curtain Rods

There are arched curtain rods that can be used for the top of arched window draperies. Some of these are flexible so you can curve it to fit your window. For hanging drapes, you need to have rings that lock in place so they don't simply slide down the rod. Plan on adjusting the drapes from below by using tiebacks when you wish to let in the light or scenery.

A final solution for treating the arched window is to get a louvered shade designed for the arch. These are made in a half-sunburst pattern and can be opened and closed like other blinds.

Arched window draperies can hang from a straight rod beneath the level of the arch. The arched shade can be purchased in wood, and would look great with wood blinds on the lower portion of the window.

If the arch is high and doesn't interfere with your privacy, you might want to leave it uncovered, simply hanging arched window draperies from a straight rod beneath the level of the arch. This method lets in natural lighting and some view of trees and scenery. Of course, a decorative rod will lend much to this sort of window treatment. If desired, you can add a window scarf to the arched portion of the window.

Privacy for Arched Windows

Depending on your budget, a way to get privacy without covering the lovely arches of your window is to install stained glass or multi paned beveled glass in the arch portion of your windows. Similarly, some people opt for a wrought iron-look grill over the window. Again, the arched window draperies can hang from a straight rod.

If you're using arched window draperies hanging from an arched or flexible rod, you might want to consider hanging sheer draperies. This allows light to enter without interfering with your privacy.

When you have to adjust the light from the ground level by using tiebacks, you might enjoy the look of sheer drapes. This will keep you from having to readjust the drapes frequently to let in more light.

Arched windows are a beautiful architectural feature that most homeowners want to accentuate in their decor. There are many attractive options for decorating arched windows. Draperies, blinds, and sheer curtains are all possibilities. Hanging arched window draperies can beautify your home.

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