Armstrong Laminate Flooring

Homeowners today are embracing Armstrong laminate flooring with open arms. Laminate floors have the look and feel of wood or stone floors but are constructed from various layers of materials ranging from high-density fiberboard, aluminum oxide, and resin saturated paper.

Homeowners are choosing Armstrong laminate flooring due to the fact that these floors are considerably less inexpensive then traditional wood or stone floors, they come in a variety of colors and styles, and are durable.

Armstrong Laminate Flooring: A Layered Solution

Armstrong laminate flooring is constructed in layers. This is what gives laminate flooring its incredible strength and durability. The first layer is referred to as the Wear Layer. The Wear layer is fashioned from Aluminum Oxide and protects the floor from typical wear and tear. It is also stain and fade resistant and the most visible layer.

The next layer is the Image Design Layer. This layer is actually an image of the design that your laminate flooring consists of. It may be an image of wood grain, an embossed stone pattern, marble design, or a selection of any other patterns.

Solutions for Homeowners

High Density fiberboard is the secret to the third layers inner strength and durability. The stability of the Fiberboard center will prevent and protect your Armstrong laminate floor from weathering and indentations. The fourth and final layer is called the Backing Layer. This layer is right below the core and is created from Resin Saturated Paper.

The backing layer repels moisture that prevents warping in floors. Warping is a common occurrence with hardwood floors and the prevention of warping in laminate flooring makes laminate a suitable choice for many homeowners.

Easy to Install

One of the best features regarding Armstrong laminate flooring is that the flooring is surprisingly easy to install. In fact, it is due to the ease of installation that many homeowners prefer laminate flooring compared to many other floor choices.

Laminate flooring consists of pieces that interlock. This is a system of assembly that does not require glue and can literally be installed over any type of flooring. The only flooring that it is recommended not to install over is high pile carpeting.

However, it is recommended that you install your Armstrong laminate flooring over an underlayment. An underlayment is an additionally layer of material tht is installed over the old flooring and before the new flooring. Some flooring may have the underlayment already installed to the flooring, but for added protection, you can install an additional underlayment.

Because the moisture and humidity level is very high in bathrooms, you should choose laminate flooring that uses a glued seam to ensure that the floor will be properly sealed. You should also use caulking to prevent excess moisture from absorbing into the boundaries of your floor.

Designs and Styles

The secret to the realistic design of Armstrong laminate flooring is photography. Yes, thats right- photography. Armstrong laminate flooring resembles stone, brick, ceramic, and wood floors due to the fact that high-resolution photos are used to create the embellished image on the laminate flooring. The floor is then sealed and includes stain and fade resistant sealers. This makes laminate a much more durable product than the genuine flooring it is patterned after.

Flooring Price Check

Armstrong laminate flooring is much more inexpensive then purchasing the floor that the laminate mimics. Genuine stone, exotic hardwoods, and ceramic tile floors may be costly and difficult to maintain. Laminate flooring will give you the beautiful look of these floors while costing between $.99 -$6.00 a square foot. This is a considerable savings and when you consider that the laminate flooring is more durable, you are receiving even greater value for your money.

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