Artificial Grass Lawn Turns Neighbors Green With Envy

Artificial grass lawn is just like a prosthetic for your back or front yard. You will have everyone wondering if your grass is real, but who cares? You will be the one saving money and time, the one sitting back watching the kids play on the gorgeous lawn without a care in the world.

The time has come when an artificial grass lawn makes a whole lot of sense. In these times of drought and the resultant water restrictions, conserving water has become a massive issue, causing clandestine spying between neighbors, fines from the authorities and a feeling of sadness as we watch our lawn die off from an unquenchable thirst.

But what are the other advantages of artificial grass lawn?

    1. Quite apart from water conservation, there is so much to be gained from having an artificial grass lawn installed at your home. Not the least of which is the consistent appearance, with no unsightly brown patches, no disease spots and no overgrown grass when you are away or simply have not had time to mow.
    2. Save money because you will no longer have to keep stocks of fertilizer, pesticides and other chemicals and that also means a safer environment for children and pets. You wont need to buy gas and oil for your lawnmower, maintain its condition or pay someone else to come in and do the job for you.
    3. Avoid the significant expense of irrigation systems. You do not need to water your artificial grass lawn so you do not have to have a complex underground system of piping that would make a beaver proud. No maintenance, no expense and no having to remember to turn it on and off or reprogram it when the season changes.
    4. Spend your weekends enjoying your time instead of sweating it out under the hot sun in summer mowing the lawn. Your artificial grass lawn does not grow, therefore it remains the same length year round and is not subject to damage from severe weather conditions such as snow or excessive or inadequate water supply.

Scientific composition

Years of research have gone into the development of artificial grass lawn products and they have been in place for several years in a wide variety of locations, proving suitable in climates from snowbound to baking under the hot sun.

An artificial grass lawn features tiny drainage holes integrated into the backing. This means water wont sit on top with nowhere to go. It also means the earth beneath it is able to breathe, thereby avoiding problems with fungus and mildew. Water is able to penetrate the lawn and reach the earth, nourishing it with much needed moisture.


While manufacturers and retailers will tell you that an artificial grass lawn is virtually maintenance free, you need to know that it will need an occasional sweeping to refresh the fibers and fluff them up, just like a shag carpet benefits from a rigorous vacuum now and then. Still, it beats dragging the lawnmower out and running laps of your yard, fantasizing about the cold beer at the end of it.


Any good retailer will offer a comprehensive warranty and they average at around five years. Wear and fade are provided limited cover and any manufacturers defects are also covered. You can expect your artificial grass lawn to perform beautifully beyond five years; ask your retailer for their advice.

Before your neighbors even get a chance to ask why your lawn always looks so perfect, they will turn green with envy, but probably not as green as your artificial grass lawn!