Ash Hardwood Flooring Care

Your ash hardwood flooring is the crown jewel of your home, I am sure, but do you know how to keep it gorgeous and glowing all year round? You would be surprised at how many people spend the money to get great hardwood flooring without taking the time to learn just how to keep it smooth and looking like new.

If you want your ash hardwood flooring to last then you need to learn some good tips to help you keep it clean even during the wet winter months. Even though real hardwood floors cost more than laminate they are well worth it if you take care of them. If looked after properly they will last a lifetime and more.

Ash hardwood flooring
is really a lot easier to take care of then people realize. With a little daily attention, just minutes really, you can keep them looking fantastic.

The following are some tips that will help you to keep your floors looking their best for the rest of your life:

Put down floor mats

These should be at all of the entryways to help trap any dirt that people would otherwise track into the house. Dirt and dust are the main things that cause your floor to dull and scratch. If you can keep them at bay then do it! Floor mats will go along way to helping you do this with ease.

Sweep and dust

Sweeping and dusting will also help you to keep the excess dirt and dust off of the ash hardwood flooring. A Swiffer type broom/duster is a great tool that you can run over the floor with each day.

Wipe that spill

Any liquid, even water can damage your wood floor so spills need to be wiped up immediately. Just because they are not colored liquids does not mean they do not do some serious damage if left for too long. You can avoid serious warping by simply wiping the damp or wet sports with a cloth.

Use the right cleaner

Your ash hardwood flooring needs to have special floor cleaners used on it. If you use anything too harsh it can eat away at the top of the flooring. You also want to avoid oil-based cleaners, as they will only build up on the ash hardwood flooring and make it dull and ugly. There are neutral pH cleaners out there that are made just for your flooring so choose them.

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