Install Attic Barrier Foil

One of the best things about attic barrier foil is the ability it has to help reduce your home's heating bill. Used as a barrier that stops heat from escaping or getting in during the summertime, attic barrier foil is both easy to install and inexpensive.

As energy control costs continue to rise, this is an effective way to ensure that your home has better temperature control and a lower energy bill, all from reduced attic barrier radiation. Homeowners that have done the installation will tell you that attic barrier foil will end up paying for itself with all the money that you save. If you are one of many money-conscious homeowners or you are just looking for a way to control the temperature in your home then attic barrier foil might be just what you are looking for.

Starting the Job

The first thing you should do once you decide to install attic barrier foil is to measure your attic. You need to know exactly how much foil you are going to need. You can buy the foil at any home improvement store. Most attic barrier foil will come in large rolls. You should take the rolls home, unroll them, and cut the amount you will need. You should not do the cutting in the attic.

You would be much better off placing the foil on a flat surface or on a work area. Make sure you cut out the exact measurements of the room. Otherwise, you will just need to re-cut the foil. Once you have cut the appropriate sized pieces you should roll them up and head into the attic, where you will be installing the attic barrier foil.


You might be wondering about how to properly place the foil in a way that will benefit you the most. A good goal when placing attic barrier foil is to attempt to cover the underside of your roof completely. Try following the attic roof trusses as a guide. If yours are not visible you can still get the job done without too much of a problem. If the trusses are visible, you should staple the foil on the bottom side of the chord that is the highest in the attic and go from there. If you cannot see the trusses you should staple the foil to the undersides of the decking.

Do not unroll the foil all at once. You are going to begin at the peak of the ceiling and staple from the top on down. Remember you are going to staple at the top truss or the top underside of the decking. There should be a peak spot that does not get covered, leaving foil on each side and one exposed area.

Once you've placed the first staple you should follow the edge of the foil down every six inches. The foil should fall in a somewhat draped pattern and should not be 100% tight. You will continue this process all the way down on both sides of the attic ceiling.


Attic barrier foil is a lightweight product, so when you install it, you should only need to use a staple gun. Stapling the foil makes it much easier to install and as it is light the staples will hold it up just fine. It is better to have someone with you to help position and hold the foil up while you staple but this could be done with one person, if necessary. Two people would make the installation of the attic barrier foil a much easier job. If the foil gets any tears you should not worry if they are only small. These small tears will not affect the purpose of the foil at all.

As you can see, hanging attic barrier foil is not that difficult. All you need is the foil, a staple gun, and maybe a friend to help and you will be on your way to lower energy costs in no time.

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