Automatic Sliding Patio Doors

Many homes have sliding patio doors made of glass and metal separating their living or family room to their patio in their backyard. These sliding patio doors can be heavy to push or pull and can be difficult for some family members in the home to use, especially children and older individuals that do not have much strength. In order to solve this problem, some manufacturers have created systems that can turn your heavy patio doors into automatic sliding patio doors.

Automatic sliding patio doors are easy to install in the home because the automatic system works with your existing patio doors. The remotes that are used for opening and closing the patio doors can either be mounted on the wall or used by hand so that the person can easily control the opening and closing of the door. Each automatic system generally comes with two remotes for controlling the doors and the doors can be returned to manual use at any time.

It is important to know which model to choose when shopping for system to turn your sliding doors into automatic sliding patio doors. Many of the products are side specific, meaning that if your door opens to the right inside the home, then the system purchased should be for patio doors that open by sliding to the right. It is also important to choose a model that is the right size for your door so that the system opens the door all the way and closes it properly as well.

Additional Features Available

For safety reasons, most automatic sliding patio doors come with an obstruction sensor that prevents the door from opening when there is something in the way. This ensures that small children and pets, who often have very little concept of danger, do not get hurt by the heavy sliding door opening while they are standing up against the glass or are near the sliding door tracks.

The systems may often include a safety feature for opening the door from the outside patio in the form of a keypad, where the correct code will need to be punched in to open the door from the outside.

Some automatic sliding patio doors have an option sensor that allows the door to open and close automatically when it senses that your pet would like to be let out. This works by placing a keyless tag on your pet’s collar that trips the doors sensors and opens the door when the pet comes within a certain range, which is programmable by the homeowner. This automatic entry can also be helpful for individuals that are on crutches, in a wheelchair, or would otherwise be unable to maneuver properly to open the door with the included remotes.

The pricing for systems to turn your patio doors into automatic sliding patio doors will vary depending on the manufacturer of the system and the features that are included with the system.

Generally, the price will range from $200 dollars for the simple systems to $600 or more for the more complex systems. Many automatic sliding door systems also have a multitude of optional features that can be added to the system for an additional cost, which can range anywhere from less than $20 to nearly $100 per option chosen for your home.