Avonite Countertops

The natual stone look can be easily obtained in your home with the help of the fashionable avonite countertops. More and more people prefer avonite countertops to ceramic tile, expensive granite or marble.

What is Avonite

Avonite is a special blend of polyester or acrylic resins and mineral fillers, being non-porous and patented. It is actually a material suitable for countertops, having the look of stone and the cut of wood. The idea is that avonite is a beautiful choice for your kitchen or bathroom.

Avonite is famous due to its special usages since 1983 in luxurious restaurants, hotels and resorts. It is characterized by special color vibrancy and may be therefore, used in special and unique designs. Avonite surfaces were initially used only by the top architects and designers, but nowadays, it can be successfully used by homeowners who are capable of detecting the special beauty of an elegant material.

Available Colors

The most common colors of the avonite surfaces are the earth colors, natural tones and hues with some vivid accents, easy to explore in the entire setting of the room. The familiar colors of the avonite countertops include light colors, be it the case of creme, ivory, bone and classic white, combined nuances: painted desert, gulf coast, thunder bay, quick sand, meadow glass, blue moon or darker colors, as it is the case of dark roast, good earth red or red rock. Black coral and olivine are other darker nuances suitable for countertops. There are also other light hues with names that remind some special styles and characteristics around the world; Palermo, Casablanca, Cordoba, Cairo, and Nordic.

Some other names of the available avonite countertops have special resonance; night shadow, stormy gray, bronze, infinity or star shine. All these special names point out the special care and attention of the leading producers and manufacturers. There are also many other available styles of colors with special names; glass series, metallics, traditions or monochromatics.

Avonite Maintenance Tips

Taking into account the fact that there are three types of avonite countertops finishes, the care and maintenance tips are different. The three mentioned finishes are: Satin, matte and High Gloss.

Avonite countertops in Satin finish require water and soap for the cleaning process. For special stains you may use a non-abrasive cleanser and a white pad. In order to remove scratches, you should use 400 grit paper and then 600 grit paper. The area should be cleaned then with the white pad and the mentioned cleanser.

The Matte finish avonite countertops should be cleaned with sponge, water and soap. Sanding with 240 grit paper and cleaning with a green pad and abrasive cleanser may help in removing scratches. Clean the entire matte surface form time to time in order to obtain the initial finish.

The High Gloss avonite countertops may be cleaned with water and soap and for the persistent stains, you should use polishing compound and soft cloth. Sanding with 400 grit paper is helpful in the process of removing scratches. This type of surface may need machine polish and you need to contact the producer, in order to have the original finish of the avonite countertop.

Other Advice for Maintenance

It is highly recommended not to stand on the avonite countertops and to avoid sliding hard objects across these surfaces. Paint removers and other harsh chemicals should be avoided even if you have stubborn stains.

There are special methods of cleaning these stains and none of them include harsh chemicals. You should use cutting boards and special hot pads. Protectors should be used especially in the case of High Gloss finish, in the case of hard objects and pottery.