Made in the Shade with an Awning

Perhaps when you think of an awning you are reminded of all those tired old movies and shows where some heroic character would leap off a balcony or out a window - sure to plummet to his or her death - only to have the fatal fall broken by an awning below.

Or, maybe you think of posh hotels with uniformed doormen and parking valets with bright red vests awnings overhead. Whatever awning images the concept raises in your mind, the fact is that there are far more uses for awning than breaking the falls of secret agents and announcing the entrance to the Hottest Spot in Town.

It is not unheard of, for example, for someone to have an awning built onto his or her home. These awnings are used for shading certain plants which do not do well in direct sunlight or simply shading the home's occupants when they would like to spend a little time outdoors. An awning doesn't have to be a red, white, and green striped entrance to a Chicago pizza restaurant, when done correctly an awning can be an attractive addition to your home.

Of course, no matter how many people install some form of awning at home, we will probably always think of the an awning as being relevant to business related buildings more than private residences. Maybe that's okay. Those people who have decided to use an awning at home (and they are few; more than you might think, but still few) did so to have a unique architectural feature to their homes and probably aren't interested in having a house that looks like everyone else's.

If you decide to put an awning on your home, make sure you get a high quality awning and have it professionally installed. The last thing you want is an awning that will wear out and look ragged and old after only a few years. Be sure to take your local climate into account when choosing the type of awning you'll buy as well. The hot sun of the Southwestern United States can wreak havoc on some types of canvas, plastic, and vinyl, awnings while the elemental exposure of the Northeast can rust many types of metals very quickly.

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