Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Backyards used to be the place where you housed the dog. With a little imagination your backyard can be transformed and landscaped to give you an extended living area. They can be vibrant areas of activity with a cooking area, or a serene tranquil backdrop to your house. Backyard landscaping ideas cover a variety of ideas that can be incorporated depending on your lifestyle and preferences. It can be as simple as in the addition of a few plants or as complex as building a pond, an ornamental garden or a barbecue. Backyard landscaping ideas draw attention to the focal features of your home and also increase the value of the property.

The shape of your home and backyard will influence the styles of your plan. A landscape increases the potential living area and adds length, depth and texture to your yard. The simplest backyard landscaping ideas include plants.
Colorful plants are best grouped in odd numbers, and never in a straight line. They have a more dramatic visual impact when arranged at different heights and in odd numbers. Tall grasses make a striking backdrop to smaller plants. Irregular curves and a range of colors create depth in your backyard.

Careful planning is the secret of successful backyard landscaping ideas. The whole area should first be planned on paper. Plants can be free standing in pots which enable you to move them around as they grow, or they can be planted in the ground. If the plants are to be a permanent feature then the soil balance and drainage is important. The entire soil area will benefit from being turned over and aerated, as well as the addition of good topsoil.

The design of your garden should reflect your own personal style. However it is important that your landscape is in a complimentary style to your house. When planning your backyard landscaping ideas it is worthwhile remembering the time that it takes to maintain a garden, the weeding, and the cutting of a lawn etcetera. Do you have the time to invest in it on a permanent basis? If you have not got the time you will be better making your backyard into a living area with plants that are free standing and in pots. Whether you decide on a classical flowerbed, or a patio with a barbecue area, or merely put a hammock between two trees. If you plan a patio with a roof you have the opportunity to extend your living area even when you weather is not perfect.

Planning a time scale and budget should be incorporated into your backyard landscaping ideas. Some projects are completed quickly and some take years.
Not everything has to be done at once. Your extended living area may change over time as your life develops. If you have young children you can make a sandbox for the children to play in. Once they have outgrown that then it can be filled with plants. A barbecue area can be just a barbecue or it can incorporate sinks and a refrigerator, which means that power points have to be added.

To minimize your plant area garden sculptures of different types can be added. They can be functional and attract birds or purely decorative. If you are having trouble keeping a good lawn, landscape it with a stone water area, or a small wooden table to attract bird. Bird feeders can be used in areas that are very small, and add interest whether your kitchen or lounge looks out on to your backyard.

The style of your garden
needs to be practical for the area in which you live. A tropical garden will not thrive in a cold climate. Some plants prefer shade others sun. Whatever type of plant you incorporate into your backyard landscaping idea it will thrive if it has optimum conditions. Your local gardening centre can be of assistance if you are a novice. Looking at what your neighbors have achieved will also help you plan your area. Some garden centers have areas of sample gardens, which help you plan.

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