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koi fish in koi pondWho doesn’t love a beautifully decorated pond with turtles, coy, frogs and other plant and wildlife in their backyard? It is an excellent accessory to your deck or patio area. It gives guests something to do when you have your family cookouts as they play with the fish or stare in awe of the colorful flowers and water plants you have.

The burbling of the water can be a relaxing lullaby as you nap off your vacation in the hammock or lounge chair. Of course, you may also be napping because you are exhausted from the amount of hard work you have put into your backyard pond. Tips to make the creation of your little piece of paradise can be found all over from magazines and other pond owners. Here are some of the most popular ones to make pond building easy and long lasting.

Preparation of the Pond

Location of your pond is essential. You do not want to dig in the lowest point of your back yard. Everything flows downhill. If your pond is at the lowest point in your yard, it is going to get filled with the runoff from the yard. Pick a high spot or even create a high spot if you have a flat back yard. This will make maintaining your pond much easier.

Another factor in preparation is where to put the pond. This will be the hardest decision in the whole process as you are going to be essentially creating a crater in what once was the play area. If you are going to have fish and plants you need a location that will get plenty of sunlight.

This means placing the pond away from trees and bushes which adds the extra plus of not cleaning out falling leaves from your pond later on. Knowing the soil of your back yard is important as well. If you take your shovel and the first thing you hit is rock, you may be in for a hard dig.

Pond Size and its Residents

The main question is, how big do I want my pond to be? Do I want a small cozy brook or an Olympic swimming whole? Truth is it is up to you, your time and the amount of times you want to hear “When are you going to finish that pond?”

If you are going to have living things in your pond besides plants, a fair size pond would be in order. It will give the fish (usually koi) room to maneuver and allow for more people to gather around.

Larger ponds are more aesthetically pleasing and compliment a back yard better. A plastic liner for the bottom of the pond is also needed to keep contaminates from the surrounding soil away from your wildlife as well as keeps the water in your pond. It also helps control algae and makes it easier to maintain.

Water plants add beauty to your pond as well as functionality. An important plant is an oxygenator, or a plant that supplements your pond pump by keeping oxygen in the water. Types of these plants are Water Crowfoot, Water Buttercup and Curly Pond Weed.

Algae are the main problem with any pond but it is controlled if it is monitored regularly. Excessive fertilization of water plants and over feeding the fish leads to algae. Every pond owner has a trick to combat algae it is best to take notes from them and see what works best in your pond.

Research is going to be your best tool in creating your perfect Eden in your back yard. It may be hit and miss to see which plants work best for your climate. You may want koi or the catfish minnow you caught on that fishing trip to be your main attraction. It is up to your budget, your imagination and how much you are willing to work at it. Build a pond and they will come.

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