Backyard Porches Summer Retreats

furniture on backyard porchesIf you browse in any furniture store or on the Internet, you will find a whole host of backyard porches that you cannot help staring at. Just the look of the gorgeous porch furniture, the blue skies and the laughing models are enough to drive you mad with longing. Backyard porches seem like the ideal summer retreat.

You can relax, have friends over and just enjoy a backyard porch until your heart is content. However, it takes a lot of work to reach the stage at which your backyard porch is completely functional and it can take months to plan without actually erecting it, unless you concentrate all your energies into it.

Planning Your Backyard Porch

The first step towards having your very own backyard porch is planning it down to the last detail. There are thousands of ideas that you can choose from so you really should decide what features you would prefer.

You may want some sort of decking to elevate the backyard porch or you may want it at ground level in a prime spot to pick up the sunlight that filters into your yard. All of your wants and needs can be catered for if you have the budget but most people have to think logically about what they can afford and what they can add later.

You may decide that you want to engage a builder at this point because it can be a complex job if you are working from scratch and few people actually complete it without some for of help. Backyard porches specialists can help you a great deal by informing you of the practicalities. For example, decking may not be possible if your yard is too small or too sloped.

However, if you do want to build backyard porches on your own then you can buy DIY kits from DIY stores that come with all of the necessary parts as well as step-by-step instructions on assembly. There are hundreds of types of DIY backyard porches out there so you are guaranteed to find one that suits your specifications.

Types Of Backyard Porch

All backyard porches will be attached to your back door in some way, shape or form. It may be that it is attached by a small walkway or actually to the door itself as an entrance to the porch. However, there are a number of types of backyard porch and they all seem to be getting bigger and better as the designs become increasingly grand.

The most popular of the backyard porches is the screen porch. It features a removable screen that keeps out the cold during winter but can be removed to let the sunlight in over the winter. If you are building your own then this may actually be the best possible choice for you.

They come in several distinct pieces that are easy to put together, and the instructions are logical enough to follow, although any decking that you would want would have to be purchased and laid separately.

If you do want a more elaborate and decorative project then you would be taking on a true labour of love were you to build it on your own. However, if you really want to be able to say that you have mastered backyard porches and have something to show for all of your hard work and effort then this may just be the project for you.

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Photo by Mychal Stanley creative Commons