Bamboo Blinds

Bamboo blinds, originating in China, once graced the humble window openings of peasant huts right along with those more magnificent ones of the emperors palaces. And now, they have subsequently become one of the most fashionable window treatments ever here in the West. Considering their versatility, charm, and relative low cost, it's safe to say bamboo blinds are here to stay.

Bamboo blinds make a highly attractive window treatment without costing you an arm and a leg, even for those considered high-end.

Available in a variety of wood tones, colors, and in either roman or roll-up styles, it's the textured appearance lent to a room with the addition of bamboo blinds that adds a certain distinctive, yet casual, ambience.

The soft, filtered light brought about by the addition of bamboo blinds gives a room an almost mystical, ethereal feel, but without going too far in that direction. And if privacy is an issue, simply adding sheers and/or linen drapes enhances the look without overshadowing the light, airy feeling imparted by bamboo blinds.

One popular style of bamboo blinds "tortoise shell" comes not from Mother Nature, but from the artistic hands of man. Cured and sealed while still green, the bamboo is then burned with a flame in intermittent, randomly spaced areas. Sanding, varnishing (or lacquering), and finishing to a smooth-as-glass finish leaves the treated bamboo blinds with the sought-after mottled look of a tortoise's shell, hence the style's moniker.

The warm, natural coloring
of bamboo blinds makes them a popular choice for today's homeowners interested in what is termed the green look, a decor scheme incorporating earth-friendly colors and materials. However, many manufacturers now offer bamboo blinds not only in natural and tortoise-shell colorings, but also in a wide array of painted and stained finishes to complement any decor.

Bamboo blinds may not be right for any and every decor, but of all the window treatment options available, they certainly come close. Whether roll-up or roman styled, painted, natural, or tortoise-shell colored, just remember: You can never go too far wrong with the casual good looks of bamboo blinds.