Bamboo Fences

You finally decided to redecorate you patio or garden. This can be a very challenging and creative project that can lead to great results. A creative and innovative idea is to opt for the bamboo fences, which are a great choice in case you are looking for something both functional and appealing. Bamboo fences are becoming more and more popular nowadays, due to the fact that they come in a wide range of styles and they can be used in numerous ways.

Available Types of Fences

In the Japanese culture, the bamboo fences have an important role: they are meant to protect a certain area, to create an intimate and private mood and to unify or divide a certain space. Furthermore, there are two basic categories of such fences, which have specific functionalities. First of all, there are the screen fences, which are positioned in order to delimit the outdoor area. These are connected together, with the purpose of forming a screening barrier.

Secondly, you can find sleeve fences, which have a more decorative purpose and which are used in order to create smaller spaces, within the area of the patio of garden. Both these categories of bamboo fences include a variety of distinctive styles and forms, ranging from wood framed fences and pedestrian fences to horizontal or vertical layout fences, fence panels, wing fences and others.

Available Styles

Bamboo represents the Oriental or Asian cultures for many in the West. As a matter of fact, bamboo is the one element you need in case you want to create an ambience with Japanese or Chinese influences. Although the Oriental influence is quite obvious, these bamboo fences present styles which can differ significantly.

Such fences can look very classical, in case all decorative elements are avoided; in this way, you can even use them in the patios of the city homes, while coordinating them with casual outdoor furniture and decor elements. Also, the combinations between bamboo and other natural woods and decorative elements can create more rustic or provincial aspects.

In some cases, the bamboo is combined with other materials, such as natural wood (especially oak) or metals (especially for the structure and support of the fence). You can choose combinations with wrought iron for an old, provincial look or you can opt for rough wood in order to symbolize a country style.

When thinking about the style of these fences, you should not forget about the romantic and bohemian one. Based on the fact that these items are meant to create a private space and a relaxing ambient, you can easily associate them with the romantic style; you can create such an ambient if you choose the see-through sleeve bamboo fences, which are less rigid and which include decorative elements, circular lines and round shapes.

But besides the fences which are made of bamboo, you can find other garden accessories that are made of the same material; you can use bamboo gates, bamboo structures, bamboo poles, bamboo plant stands and other similar items that can create, together with the bamboo fence, a coordinating look for your outdoor space. You can even opt for even more original solutions, like the bamboo bricks which are used for wall covering.

Can I build Bamboo Fence on My Own?

Some customers find it easier and more practical to purchase the bamboo timbers and build the fence on their own, in order to obtain the right size, form and the desired style. Building bamboo fences is not that difficult, you can find a wide range of timbers in precut lengths and various types of bamboo blinds.

A great advantage that these bamboo fences present is the fact that, due to their wide spectrum of styles and great functionality, they can be part of various types of homes and outdoor spaces, ranging from country cottages and rural spaces to city villas.

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